Learn to find out when someone tries to unlock your phone

Cell phones increasingly rely on tools that improve their safety, such as passwords, biometrics and facial recognition. All these technologies are intended to prevent information saved on devices from being used in bad faith. Still, it is common for some people to be able to access third-party cell phones through programs and apps.

To help you avoid this problem, check out how is it possible to find out when someone tries to hack your cell phone with simple tips. Want to know more? So, continue reading this text in its entirety.

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How to increase the security of your Android?

If you have an Android device, you can download some apps that let you know when someone tries to unlock your phone. See some examples below:


Just as the name (“third eye” in Portuguese) implies, this app works as a very direct way to find out if someone has tried to use your phone without permission. ThirEye works in two ways:

  • Alert every time the device is unlocked; and
  • Take a picture of whoever tried to unlock the phone and got the password wrong.

Don’t touch my cell phone!

This app is for those who really don’t want their phone to be touched. With it, the owner can activate an alarm that sounds if someone touches the buttons or removes the device from the charger. The sound only stops when the phone is unlocked and the alarm is deactivated.

And for the iOS system?

As the iOS system has some restrictions on the apps that can be downloaded, there is a simple way to protect your iPhone from intruders.

The very configuration of this device allows the owner to activate a tool that erases all data from the phone when the password is wrong 10 times. This is super important in case of theft, as criminals can try to break into the device.

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