Madame Web welcomes Emma Roberts

The cast of Madame Web, Sony Pictures’ new Spider-Man spin-off, continues to grow with the addition of Emma Roberts!

Monday to deadline, Emma Roberts is the latest addition to the cast of Sony Pictures’ new spin-off to its Spider-Man universe. The character Roberts will play is still unknown. After the success of “Venom“, and especially after the fall of “morbius“It’s only natural for the studio to start diverting attention to its next big project.

Sony already has a movie in development.Kraven the Hunter“, with Aaron Taylor-Johnson; “Spider-Woman”, directed by Olivia Wilde; and continues to advance with SJ Clarkson’s “Madame Web,” with the regular expansion of the cast.

The titular character is familiar to fans of the 1990s Spider-Man animated series, being represented as an elderly woman, attached to a life support system that resembles a spider’s web. Due to her age and medical condition, Madame Web has never been a character who has much involvement with action, and her appearances in comics are scant.

Roberts is known to the general public for starring in works such as: “Scream Queens”, “American Horror Story” and “Screams 4”, among many others. The rest of the film’s cast includes the talent of: Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney, Celeste O’Connor, Isabela Merced and Tahar Rahim.


What do you think of the choice? Are you ready to see Roberts in the movie?

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