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An excellent performance this Sunday morning crowned the Brazilian with the gold medal Marcus Vinicius D’Almeida in the stage of Archery World Cup Paris, an unprecedented feat in the 24-year-old’s career. Marquinhos, as he is called by his friends, played point-to-point with the South Korean Kim Je Deok and was impeccable in the shoot-off to take first place in France. He passed Olympic medalists to take the podium in the competition.

“I’m feeling great. In South Korea it was because of an arrow that I stayed away, so we worked a lot this time we were in Brazil. This arrow that took me out of the game, we worked not to happen here in Paris and now we are guaranteed the final in Mexico”, said the Brazilian, referring to the next dispute.

“I entered the Worlds with one head, and here I entered with another disposition. I was more focused on gold, on winning the medal. I won against Olympic champions. This is my moment and I am proud”, celebrated Marquinhos, who was silver in the Youth Olympic Games, in 2014, and runner-up in the world last year. With the unprecedented gold, he guarantees his participation in the final stage of the World Cup in Mexico, on October 15th and 16th.

The Brazilian won his seven fights in this stage to confirm the podium, including passing the Olympic champion Mete Gazoz in the quarterfinals and two South Korean athletes, the main strength of the modality. The sixth place in the world ranking was very focused and didn’t let anything get in his sights.

In the semifinal, the athlete surpassed Oh Jin Hyek by 6 to 4 to dispute the gold with the also South Korean Kim Je Deok. The dispute for the highest place on the podium started with Kim opening up the lead in the first set, but Marquinhos did not allow his rival to distance himself in the counting of points.

After a tie in the third round, the Brazilian hit the red part of the target and Kim opened 5-3, a score that was equaled by Marquinhos again in the next round. The turning point came in the tiebreaker dispute, the golden arrow. The Asian started with a 9-point shot, but the Brazilian stamped the center of the target to confirm his first gold in the World Cup stage. “It was intense, and now my goal is to race in Mexico,” he said.

At the end of last year, at the Brazilian Archery Championship, held in Maricá, Rio, Marcus D’Almeida had already celebrated first place in the men’s individual. It was the athlete’s sixth gold medal in national tournaments.

At the Tokyo Games, he placed ninth, losing in the round of 16. Brazil had never gone this far.

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