Mason Glove vents and says he lost access to TikTok

Digital influencer Iran Ferreira, known as Luva de Pedreiro, vented this evening (26) on Instagram, and said he lost access to his TikTok account.

“It’s scum, guys. I’m not even messing with TikTok. It’s asking for a password, they took my TikTok now. Only the people there, my former managers, know the password. .

Visibly annoyed, he continued: “I started on TikTok was alone, with God, everyone knows.”

On the social network, Luva de Pedreiro has 17.3 million followers, in addition to another 15 million on Instagram.

The report sought out ASJ Consultoria, a company owned by Allan Jesus, which manages Ferreira’s career, to obtain a position on the influencer’s statement about the loss of access to TikTok. Until the publication of this text, there was no response.

Businessman hits bricklayer’s glove

Allan Jesus, ex-manager of Iran Ferreira, known as Luva de Pedreiro, used his Instagram profile tonight (30) to counter the accusations of his former client about having changed the TikTok account.

“I come here once again to comment on false and frivolous accusations that I am receiving. At this moment I am being threatened with death, my family, my wife, my children. All my personal data, my information was leaked on the internet”, started Jesus.

“I would like to make it clear that last Thursday we were asked by Iran to send him all accesses and logins from social networks. This was done, we have proof. About TikTok, which he just posted, he was connected, as per this print. On the 24th he was logged in. This afternoon I was surprised and got logged out of the TikTok account. Due to lack of technical knowledge of their new team, when they logged me out, they forgot to change the security email , since the email that Iran used was not a secure email. They should have changed the security email before disconnecting me”, continued the businessman.

“Once they tried to log in on another device, if they saw that they had a security email, they could, as was requested on Thursday, ask me for the code to log in. They didn’t do that. Iran goes on the internet to accuse me, making the threats to my life, my family, my physical and mental integrity even greater,” he added.

Earlier, Glova de Pedreiro also stated that he no longer has WhatsApp and asked them to ignore messages, as he no longer had access. Allan Jesus also commented on the allegations.

“About WhatsApp that Iran once again attacked me today. What happens is that I was informed that he would not follow me and only today, due to the numerous threats I have been suffering, I decided to cancel some phone lines. He used one of my lines. a few months ago, and just today i decided to cancel. So since he decided to go on without me, his team should have guided him, or he himself had come to get a new phone line for him to use. I am canceling some phone lines. for me to stop receiving threats and for me to preserve my integrity and my life”, he concluded.

Troubled relationship with businessman

Luva de Pedreiro and Allan Jesus had troubled episodes in the last week. During a live on Instagram, Iran Ferreira stated that he would take a break from his career, and stopped following the businessman the next day.

The controversy was reinforced after a text published on the website Metrópoles revealed that Luva had, in two bank accounts, balances of around R$ 7,500, considered negligible due to his sponsorships and the reach of his accounts on social networks.

Glove of Pedreiro vented on Instagram: "I'm not even messing with TikTok, it's asking for a password, they took my TikTok now" - Reproduction/Instagram/@luvadepedreiro - Reproduction/Instagram/@luvadepedreiro

Glove de Pedreiro vented on Instagram: “I’m not even messing with TikTok, it’s asking for a password, they took my TikTok now”

Image: Reproduction/Instagram/@luvadepedreiro

In response, Allan Jesus said that the information was frivolous, and selectively ascertained.

report of UOL Esporte of last Friday (24) pointed out, based on data obtained from the Board of Trade of the State of Rio de Janeiro, that the influencer does not have full control of the company created to manage his career and the resources obtained in advertising contracts.

Iran Ferreira’s share in Cara da Luva de Pedreiro Produções Artísticas SPE LTDA is 45%, as the text showed, while Allan Jesus and influencer Victor Melo together account for 55% of the company. Sought to explain the division of society, Jesus did not respond.

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