OneOdio FM 1 is the portable microphone that combines professional quality and low price

Known for producing good quality headphones and elegant design, OneOdio also works with professional grade microphones for those who want to set up a real “studio” at home.

An example of this is the new OneOdio FM 1. It was developed to be attractive, simple and at the same time offer a capture quality above the competitors’ average.

Scroll down the page and now know the main highlights of the portable microphone.

The OneOdio FM1 hits the market with a sober design, but with a series of adjustments to adapt to the most diverse scenarios. Developed with an audience in mind that likes to record audio professionally for videos or podcasts, the microphone has a pop filter to prevent the sound from popping or whistling.

In addition, its metal base can be easily positioned on any table, while the adjustment knob allows the microphone to be moved on its base forwards or backwards.

The new OneOdio FM1 still works in “plug and play” format. That is, you can use it on your PC, Mac or even your smartphone.

The manufacturer points out that the microphone does not require extra software or a dedicated sound card, since the system itself identifies the OneOdio FM1 as an external microphone.

Featuring professional-grade pickup, the new OneOdio FM 1 features an integrated chipset that allows all quality to be transferred to the computer via USB interface.

The microphone has a cardioid pickup pattern and an excellent suppression function, allowing it to capture the most natural sound and suppress unwanted background noise. Also, its sensitivity is -38 2 dB ± dB.

The OneOdio FM 1 also has a number of built-in buttons to make the user’s life easier. Thus, it is possible to adjust the volume, turn on or off the audio capture and even activate the return.

By plugging a P2 phone into the microphone, the user has access to the feedback, since it is possible to hear his own voice.

Developed with a mission to deliver quality recordings to everyday users, the new OneOdio FM1 is now available for purchase on AliExpress.

The official price is R$465, but in the promotion the microphone comes out for only R$ 238.41.

Buy the OneOdio FM 1 by clicking here


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