Passenger sends nudes all over the plane and is arrested; watch video

A case of online harassment happened this week on a flight in the United States and ended up on TikTok. A passenger used AirDrop from his iPhone to send pictures of his penis to all the other iPhones on board that had Bluetooth turned on.

As you can see in the video, reposted on Instagram, a man identified only as “Larry” is confronted by the flight attendant, who asks if he purposely sent the photo. He answers yes and still says he was just “having fun”. Soon after, the author of the video reinforces that this is a form of sexual harassment.

In another video posted later, the same woman who had recorded the situation claims that Larry was detained by the FBI at the airport and that other passengers had to testify.

Still in the report, she says that one of the iPhones that received the photo belonged to a child, and that the father almost advanced on the harasser, but was contained.

In the United States, this new form of harassment was called “cyberflashing”. Among other things, the verb “flash” means to quickly show something. It became synonymous with showing the genitals in public. Large-scale “digital” practice, using AirDrop or other distribution resources, has gained the prefix “cyber”.

A survey released by the British institute YouGov found that 4 out of 10 women have received unsolicited penis pictures. In the UK, the practice became a crime this year.

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