Pedrinho’s manager says that attacking midfielder is close to a deal with Atlético – Rádio Itatiaia

Atlético should soon announce the loan of striker Pedrinho, ex-Corinthians, who has a contract with Shakhtar Donetsk (UCR). The player is free to settle with another club, after FIFA’s determination – suspension of contracts -, because of the effects of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

According to Pedrinho’s businessman, details are lacking to finalize the deal.

“Yes, they are overcome (details for the contract). I like to nail something when it’s enshrined. That’s not the case. We’re talking. The proposal that Atlético passed pleased Pedrinho, it pleased me. than we expected. I think it’s about to be finalized”, said Will Dantas, in an interview with Rádio 365, in São Paulo.

“He stayed in Maceió, the family is from there, he has a house there, and he trained at CSA until Shakhtar resolved his situation. Now with the suspension of contracts by Fifa, you can do something, lend. Shakhtar doesn’t want to sell, several offers came in and they didn’t want to. PSV (HOL) , Atlético de Madrid (ESP) arrived, something arrived from Dubai, to where he wouldn’t go regardless of the money, and they didn’t want to do it. Lille (FRA) arrived and they didn’t want to, they talked again, but anyway, we’re deciding. Maybe he’ll stay in Brazil, we have a proposal from Atlético. stay this loan year here (in Brazil), explained Dantas.

“Out of respect for Atlético, we are not going to talk to clubs in Brazil anymore. Maybe not even from outside. We are talking to Atlético and it would be unethical to talk to another club that was not Atlético. We are talking and we are looking for some details”, he stressed.

Pedrinho is 24 years old and has not played since December last year, precisely because of the stoppage of Ukrainian football due to the war with Russia. Due to this diplomatic problem, FIFA announced last Tuesday that foreign athletes would have their contracts suspended until June 2023 with Ukrainian clubs.

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