Perrengues Around the World: When a human being makes all the difference!

Perrengues Around the World: When a human being makes all the difference!

Today I’m going to write the Perrengues Mundo Afora column to tell you a story that happened to me and how an incredible human being, an employee of Latam, made all the difference!

On June 04, 2022, our problems started at the preferred check-in counter in Terminal 3, as we had Delta reservations to fly with Latam and one of them issued with Skymiles miles, did not have a ticket generated in the Latam system .

Despite everything appearing right in the Delta system, with a ticket issued normally, which was confirmed by the Delta employee who was at the LATAM counter a few times, this problem consumed us 1:30h standing at the check-in counter, until was resolved.

Subsequent facts and some family problems that we had moments before boarding flight LA8180 departing from GRU to JFK, we decided not to board.

From that moment on, we were attended by the employee Márcio Nascimento Valverde, who was an incredible human being, from the boarding gate to the end of the problem we had with lost luggage.

As we were boarding in Group 2 (Delta Skymiles Platinum customer), practically at the beginning of boarding, therefore, we requested to unload our bags. The employee Márcio also inserted the necessary information in our reservations, for future rescheduling.

After more than 2 hours of waiting between the normal international arrival procedures and waiting for the luggage on the conveyor belt, already exhausted, we were surprised to receive only 1 suitcase back, the other suitcase went on the flight, unfortunately.

Regarding this fact, I blame the ground personnel handling the luggage, as the employee was very proactive in what was within their reach.

He helped me in the process of opening the baggage irregularity report in the responsible sector of the airport and told me that he would contact the NY team to return the luggage on the next flight.

However, as the luggage was tagged to the final destination LAS on flight DL2637, it went to LAS, I believe due to a failure in communication between the two companies Latam and Delta.

The employee Márcio also made his personal WhatsApp available to me and kept in touch with me until the final solution of the problem, taking care of the return of my suitcase to GRU and then sending it to my city RAO.

I received my suitcase only on Thursday, despite having been lost the previous Saturday, it took a while because the suitcase went to LAS and returned with priority on the following flights.

A very interesting curiosity was the baggage tracking system through the Delta app, where we could follow the entire trajectory of the bag, in real time.

In addition, Márcio still tried to help me a lot with the rebooking of the tickets and in the end I ended up resolving it directly with Delta, as I had to pay for the fare difference, since I rebooked to the end of July, during high season, for my choice.

Despite the problems experienced due to the failure of the system, the ground staff that handles the luggage and probably due to the lack of more effective communication between Latam and Delta, the human factor in this case was fundamental and for that reason, I have to praise the conduct and posture of the employee Márcio Nascimento Valverde.

Latam, as well as any company that has an employee like him, must value him and congratulate him for the proactivity and humanity with which he treated us in this episode, certain that the conduct of this human being made all the difference in solving the problem, in the our experience and in our life, in the face of the problem experienced.

I hope that Latam can reward you in some way and congratulate you for your availability, humanity and good will to help us.

It’s more human beings like this that we need in the world!

I already made the compliment on the company’s channels, as you can see in the image below:

I also leave here my thanks to the employee Márcio Nascimento Valverde, a true friend that I make a point of meeting again on my next visits to GRU Airport.

What did you think of this Perrengues Mundo Afora and how a human being made all the difference?

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