Professional training in Canada offers scholarships of up to BRL 135,000

Those who plan to live abroad now have one more incentive, as there is professional training with scholarships of up to R$135,000 in Canada. Those interested in participating must be over 18 years of age and willing to move to the country before the training begins.

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Among the requirements, participants cannot receive any other type of scholarship. The aid will range from R$ 73 thousand to R$ 135 thousand. In addition to support for studies, scholarships for professionals include health insurance.

Professional training in Canada

The professional training program is aimed at the human, exact and biological areas. To participate in the process, candidates must live, at least initially, outside Canada.

Despite this, it is also required the availability for change, as this will be carried out before the beginning of the training, since the classes are in person. The program has enough investment to fund around 30 scholarships a year.

Among the requirements for those who wish to participate in the training, the program requires the proof a contribution of at least R$ 12 thousand. Applications continue until August 5th through the Québec Métiers D’avenir website.

Applicants must submit two reference letters completed by two different people, a copy of the passport main page and a copy of the birth certificate as well as all transcripts for each of the programs mentioned in the academic documents section.

In addition to this documentation, it will also be necessary to present a copy of all the diplomas obtained, as well as the awards or distinctions received. And, of course, have proficiency in English.

Professional training will be in the following areas:

  • Administration, Commerce and Information Technology;
  • Chemistry and Biology;
  • communications;
  • Electrotechnology;
  • Agriculture and Fisheries;
  • Art;
  • Beauty Care;
  • Buildings and Public Works;
  • Environment and Forest Management;
  • Food and Tourism Services;
  • Mechanical Manufacturing;
  • Metallurgical Technology;
  • Forestry and Pulp and Paper;
  • Health services;
  • Maintenance Mechanics;
  • Mining and Site Operations;
  • Maintenance of Motorized Equipment;
  • Joinery and Furniture Manufacturing.

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