Rogério Ceni talks about Richarlyson’s revelation

Rogério Ceni was asked at the press conference after São Paulo’s draw with Juventude about recent statements by former player Richarlyson, who revealed he was bisexual. The coach took advantage of the question to emphasize the friendship he has with the now Globo commentator. They were world champions and three-time Brazilian champions together.

“He’s my friend, that’s the most important thing. The guy who helped make the history of this club, to win titles. The option he chooses will always be a great partner, friend, I treat him the same way. fantastic guy, formidable, the CT door is always open for him. He’s a guy who left everything on the field”, said Ceni.

“My great friends are the guys who helped to build stories, they were partners, firm, correct. Richarlyson is the same guy as always, he doesn’t change absolutely anything, a great friend and the guy always”, he continued.

Richarlyson’s revelation was made during his participation in the podcast ‘Nos Armarios dos Vestiários’, by ‘ge’. “I’ve been asked all my life if I’m gay. I’ve had a relationship with a man and I’ve had a relationship with a woman too. But then I talk here today and soon the news will be printed: ‘Richarlyson is bisexual’. And the meme already come ready. They will say: ‘Wow, but swear? I had no idea’. Man, I’m normal, I have desires and desires. I’ve dated a man, I’ve dated a woman, but what are you going to do? Nothing”, he said.

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