Sinister Uber: humor page shows bizarre day to day of drivers – 06/27/2022

“Laughing is the best medicine”. This was the strategy that app driver Vitor Carvalho dos Santos, 26, found to deal with the unusual situations of the profession. About a month ago, he started to move the “Uber Sinister” page on Facebook, which shows amusing dialogues from drivers and passengers, who report from betrayals to somewhat lax users, who ask drivers for personal favors.

In a short time, the page became a success, with more than 60 thousand followers and a high level of engagement. “Daily, I get between 2,000 and 3,000 new followers. The conversation prints also arrive 24 hours a day, but I only post what I find really interesting and, of course, my experiences. There are people who think it’s fake, but I can confirm: I live it”, he says.

Vitor started working as an app driver almost three years ago, and says it was the profession he most identified with, mainly due to the contact with people. “I really like talking to people, and I have fun too. On a daily basis, I go through everything that no one imagines”.

The screenshots of conversations between passengers and app drivers really show very unusual moments. In one of them, a man calls a car for his wife, but asks the driver not to pay any attention to her, as he wants revenge for a betrayal he committed. “Please, I beg you: help me not to take ‘gaia'”, comments the passenger.

Vitor Carvalho, creator of the page, has been an app driver for three years and guarantees that he lives in similar situations - Reproduction - Reproduction

Vitor Carvalho, creator of the page, has been an app driver for three years and guarantees that he lives in similar situations

Image: Reproduction

In another conversation, a passenger asks the driver to arrive quickly because her sister-in-law is on part-time work. The driver gets in the mood: “Dear Jesus, I’m coming,” hurries.

“People think it’s unlikely, but what I get most are comments from other drivers saying they went through something similar, or even more bizarre”, says Vitor Carvalho, administrator of the page.

demanding passengers

Passenger is outraged by withdrawal of "pampering" of the races - Playback - Playback

Passenger is outraged by withdrawal of “treat” from races

Image: Reproduction

A recurring theme in conversations between clients and professionals is the demands made by those who call the application. There are reports of angry passengers because drivers no longer offer candy, water and chocolate, as was common when the service began in Brazil. In other cases, they misjudge the driver for driving older vehicles, such as Chevrolet Celta and Fiat Uno, which have already been discontinued.

“Uber needs to better review the cars and drivers. In the last five trips I took, none of the drivers had bullets and water, not to mention that in two of them there was a Gol and an Uno. I think it’s absurd, because I’ve been in better cars, which they even had chocolates to offer us”, said one of the users.

Other screenshots show a passenger asking the driver to pick up a purchase of more than 100 kilos and even for the professional to enter the house to wake up his teenage son.

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