Textor wants a meeting with Irmãos Moreira Salles and reveals plans for a new training place for Botafogo

John Textor’s presence at Nilton Santos Stadium happened to reveal plans. The football owner Botafogo explained that measures need to be taken soon. Criticism of the training center lawn, for example, made by Luís Castro, can yield a period of activities outside of there. The investor revealed that there was demand to receive the Glorioso. And, looking to the future, he hopes to meet with the Moreira Salles brothers, investors in Espaço Lonier, in the coming days.

+ Textor says he will continue looking for stars for Botafogo: ‘I’m a dancer trying to get on Broadway’

– We have a long term plan to see the base and even some of the stadium elements in the same place. That’s a three-year plan. We are looking at a place to buy for this, and it is good that there are several places for this and public transport is still close by. In the short term it’s surprising when you buy a big club and expect good facilities, but for us we still have very separate teams, it’s not ideal. I had a very good meeting with Luís (Castro). I love Lonier, the brothers (Moreira Salles) are being incredibly good to Botafogo, I like them too. Some things are being said wrong about them, they are being very participative – said Textor, before going on:

– We are the ones who are very slow, we still haven’t decided if it will be a place for the professional team, under-23 or base or if it will continue with the original plan, with the base and a school. I hope to speak with them in the next 48 hours because we have done a lot of searching and I hope this matches their vision. There’s a location that was offered to us and I think we’re going to go ahead. It only needs four or five weeks of renovations to be of great quality. Unfortunately it’s not very big, but it can help our short term needs and it’s very close to each other – he said.

The expectation of John Textor and Luís Castro is to provide better working conditions for the players. A good lawn is a fundamental part of this process, and the examples are in the teams that the entrepreneur himself has around the world.

– You see how players can quickly move up from one team to the next. The only way to make it work is to get the teams close to each other and the coaches look at each other. I showed the quality of the turf of the Belgian team (Molenbeek) to Luís Castro, a team that is not even close to Botafogo, and we put a Premier League quality field there, with an investment of 1.3 million euros. Of course I’ll do it here, but I need time, I can’t do it in the middle of the season – he pondered.

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