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Android and iPhone (iOS) users may notice some similarities between the devices, especially when it comes to similar features available on both operating systems. It is common for functions that do not exist in software to be announced in future updates, and both Google and Apple have already ‘inspired’ each other to bring updates to their OS. For Android 13, for example, privacy functions similar to iOS 14 were announced.

On the iPhone, a feature capable of detecting text in images in real time was only released in 2021, even though on Android there was already a similar function by Google Lens since 2018. See, in the list below, six functions that Android ‘copied’ from the iPhone and vice versa.

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Three times the iPhone “copied” Android functions – and vice versa — Photo: Marvin Costa/TechTudo

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iOS 15 brought a novelty to the iPhone that was already well known to Android users. The feature, which received the name of Live Text in Apple’s system, works in a very similar way to a feature already present in Google Lens for a long time. Both tools are able to recognize text in images and translate them in real time from the cell phone’s camera. In addition, it is also possible to search the web from both resources.

IOS 15’s Live Text works in a similar way to a feature present in Google Lens since 2018 — Photo: Playback/Apple

Apple’s operating system used Google’s map app as its official app until iOS 6, when the iPhone announced a native navigation platform. Since then, Apple Maps has undergone several reformulations and, currently, can be considered the main rival of Google Maps. In iOS 15, Apple’s map app also underwent important changes, and started to display lanes, bus stops and information about public transport lines. The function, however, has been available on Google Maps since 2017.

Apple Maps received updates in iOS 15, including a feature to check public transport similar to Google — Photo: Playback/Apple

3. More customization features

Apple introduced widgets on the iPhone only in iOS 14. The items, which function as interactive icons for apps installed on the phone and allow greater customization of the screen, were already available on Android since its launch. Currently, the widgets of the two systems work very similarly — despite this, Apple promises to make its icons even more interactive in iOS 16, with customizations for the Lock Screen and Home.

In addition to widgets, the iPhone also introduced new features to customize and rearrange the phone in iOS 15 – which will allow, among other things, to delete app icons from the home screen. The function, however, was also not new to Android owners, who have been able to remove apps from the screen for a long time.

The widgets, old acquaintances of Android owners, were only available on the iPhone in iOS 14 — Photo: Reproduction/Apple

1. Approximate location in apps

Android 12 introduced a privacy feature to allow users to only share approximate location with apps rather than exact coordinates. That way, apps that request access to the device’s location to work don’t need to know the user’s exact address unnecessarily. The feature, however, has been available to iPhone users since the release of iOS 14.

The two tools work similarly: they can be individually adjusted for each app in the smartphone’s settings, or they can be enabled as soon as the user opens a newly downloaded app for the first time.

Approximate location warning on Android 12 — Photo: Disclosure / Google

2. More privacy features

Android has also “copied” some privacy features that have been available on the iPhone for some time. One of them is the one that displays small icons on the taskbar to indicate when an app accesses the device’s camera and microphone. On iPhone, the function was launched in update iOS 14, and displays small orange and green dots.

On Android, the feature was released with the Android 12 update, and displays small drawings of camera and microphone to indicate that features are being accessed by an application.

Android 12 introduced indicator icons to show when apps access the device’s camera and microphone — Photo: Disclosure / Google

In addition to this, another function that was already present on the iPhone and that was integrated into Android 13 is the feature that notifies you when an app has accessed the cell’s clipboard. In addition to displaying user notifications, on Android, the feature will also automatically delete copied contents from the clipboard, which will ensure even more privacy.

In Android 13, newly installed apps will also ask for permission to send notifications to the user, a function that is also available on the iPhone. In addition, another feature ‘inspired’ by iOS and that will be released in Google’s next system update is the detailed privacy data of apps.

Notifications Permission Popup on Android 13 — Photo: Playback/9TO5Google

3. Photo Picker API similar to that of iPhone

Another feature released in Android 13 that is similar to a feature already present on the iPhone since the iOS 14 update is the photo picker. With it, it is possible to prevent apps that request permission from the device’s gallery from accessing all photos saved on the phone – which guarantees more privacy and security to the user.

On iPhone, when opening an app that asks for access to the device’s gallery, you can choose between three options: “Select Photos…”, “Allow Access to All Photos” and “Disallow”. By tapping on “Select Photos”, it is possible to indicate, individually, which photos from the cell phone gallery a particular app can open. On Android, the feature will work very similarly, and photos and videos can be selected from a new menu.

It is worth remembering that, before the launch of the feature, when an app required permission to the device’s gallery, it had access to all the saved photos — therefore, with the function, it is possible to protect the images stored on the phone.

New photo picker available in Android 13 — Photo: Playback/developers

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