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Only Murders in The Building season two premieres June 28 on Star+

starring Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez, Only Murders in The Building conquered the public – and the critics – in 2021, being one of the best-rated series of the year. Renewed, the second season arrives at Star+ this Tuesday, 28, with two episodes available.

The production follows three residents of a luxury condominium that is the scene of a murder in search of discovering who is behind the crime. The trio recounts the entire investigation in a podcast, however, they end up discovering secrets about themselves in the process.

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For those who marathoned the series in the last year, but don’t remember all the parts, check out everything you need to know before seeing the new episodes. Warning, this article contains spoilers Only Murders in The Building.

The crime

The first season revolves around the death of Tim Kono (Julian Cihi) and Mabel (Gomez), Charles (Martin) and Oliver (Short) discover it was a murder and not suicide as the police claimed.

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The following episodes show that Tim was a childhood friend of Mabel and was part of a group called the Hardy Boys – which hid many secrets – along with Oscar (Aaron Dominguez) and Zoe (Olivia Reis).

The suspects

To investigate the case, the trio creates a list of suspected residents, which has brought some cameos to the show such as Stingfrom the band The Police. Another suspect is the tie-dye guy, who is revealed to be Oscarfriend of Mabelbut ends up becoming podcast content.

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episode without lines

Another suspect is “the boy from apartment 6B,” who is deaf. To provide the audience with a realistic experience of how the young man interprets the world, the episode about him does not have any speech, only sign language and subtitles.

Revelation of the crime

At the end of the season, it is revealed that whoever killed Tim Kono he was Jan (Amy Ryan)resident of the building and romantic interest of Charles. The story told in the podcast began to gain repercussion and fans, who were camped at the door of the condominium to find the trio.

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new crime

When the murder of Tim Kono is solved, a new crime haunts the Archonia. The scene shows the victim wearing the tie-dye sweatshirt and knitting needles from Mabel – reference to her line in the first episode about dreaming of killing someone with the needles.

Because of the outfit, the moment leads the public to believe that the one who died was Oscar. However, it is about Bunny, president of the residents council. Now, the trio goes from heroes to prime suspects in the crime.

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