Why the US Department of Defense is Monitoring Shrimp Sounds

pistol shrimp

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When Pistol Shrimp snaps its claws, it can create the loudest sound produced by any creature on Earth.

Whale skeletons lie along the coast of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands (Spain), as a brutal reminder of the harmful effects of military sonar. It is believed that the sonar of ships and submarines is one of the factors that contribute to the beaching of whales, confusing the animals’ own sonar and causing them to head for beaches.

But this technology harmful to whales may soon have a competitor.

Lori Adornato, project manager at the US military research agency Darpa, believes we can detect submarines if we pay more attention to natural sounds, rather than just firing sonar pulses.

“We currently treat all these natural sounds as background noise or interference, and we’re trying to change that,” says Adornato. “Why not make use of these sounds and see if we can find a signal?”

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