9-year-old girl faints twice in extreme toy and goes viral – News

A 9-year-old girl decided to face one of the most extreme rides at a theme park on the Gold Coast, Australia, with her father. However, Molly Barrett, as the little one is known, fainted twice when she was thrown into the air during the attraction’s operation.

The hilarious scene was recorded by an on-board camera of the toy and went viral on the networks. Watch below:

At the start of the recording, the father, AJ Barrett, 50, asks if Molly is ready. Visibly nervous, she answers yes.

“Be careful what you wish for. The only way up is up. We’ll never do anything like this ever again”, the adult shoots right away.

In a statement reported by the Daily Mail tabloid, AJ says he noticed his daughter blacked out only the second time she lost consciousness for a few seconds.

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“We were filmed in the night sky,” he explained, “we can’t see much, and trying to keep the horizon in your view is very difficult.”

According to her father, the idea of ​​going on the ride came from the little girl herself, who had planned to try all the attractions in the park, as soon as she reached the time to do so.

“There were instant screams from Molly. Blackout, wake up, scream, blackout,” described AJ, who considers the above video to be one of the funniest things he’s ever seen.

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