99Pay allows payment of boletos by WhatsApp: learn how

Does 99Pay allow payment of boletos by WhatsApp? Check out this news and learn how to pay your tickets without difficulties through the app.

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Adult life brings many responsibilities, and with them paying bills. The problem is that nowadays there are so many tickets, paid in so many different ways, that many people end up getting lost.

The good news is that, with the use of the 99Pay digital wallet, you can pay all your boletos on WhatsApp, without complications. This is possible for WhatsApp users who have registered with the 99 payment system. Therefore, to learn more, check below.

99Pay allows payment of boletos by WhatsApp: learn how

In this way, according to 99Pay, making the payment of boletos through WhatsApp is simple. First, you just need to have at least BRL 10 on the platform to activate the functionality. Thus, the user must add the official number of the digital wallet on the cell phone to make the payment of the boleto through WhatsApp chat. In this case, you need to save the number (61) 3550-8938, and start a conversation through the platform.

So, to pay boletos by WhatsApp using 99Pay, check out the step by step:

  • After adding the official 99Pay number, access WhatsApp and open the chat with the 99Pay contact;
  • Type the word “Menu” and send;
  • Then accept the terms of service;
  • Now, click on “View Menu”;
  • Then select the tab “Pay boletos” and then “Send”;
  • At this point, it will be necessary to enter the barcode of the ticket, send the document in PDF or send a photo by clicking on the camera icon;
  • Finally, confirm that all ticket information is correct;
  • If everything is ok, go to “Confirm” to complete the payment;
  • And that’s it, your ticket was paid by 99Pay.

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