After 10 months, user finds iPhone dropped in water again

Stories of cellphones surviving major drops or other extreme situations have been recorded in the past, even if they are relatively rare. However, a new case reported in the UK had an even more unexpected outcome: an iPhone dropped in a river was found again ten months after the accident.

iPhone kept working after 10 months in the water (Image: Facebook/Miggy Ps)

The phone is owned by Ovain Davies, a user who was canoeing on the River Wye when the iPhone fell into the water. The fact happened in August 2021, but only a few weeks ago the device was located again.

Who identified the smartphone was Miguel Pacheco, also while canoeing in the same river. According to him, the device was floating in the water, and its conditions were quite precarious due to humidity and dirt.

Afterwards, Pacheco tried to dry the device with an air compressor, then left it outdoors overnight. To his surprise, the next day the iPhone started charging as soon as a Lightning cable was plugged into the physical port.

As soon as it received enough charge, the device turned on with the date of August 13th, exactly when it was lost. The wallpaper was a photo of Davies with his wife, which inspired Pacheco to look for the iPhone’s owner:

“I have a lot of pictures of my kids on my phone, and I would definitely want it back if I lost it.”

Through a local community group on Facebook, he made a post telling the story. The post had more than 4,000 shares, which was key for Davies’ friends to identify his face on the wallpaper — the owner hadn’t used social media for six months, so he probably wouldn’t see the content on his own.

Photo on wallpaper inspired Pacheco to find cell phone owner (Image: Facebook/Miggy Ps)

When the fact was revealed, Owain Davies said he was in a two-person canoe. At one point, his partner got up from the bank, unbalancing the vessel and causing the iPhone to fall — he even stated that he was impressed with Pacheco’s effort:

“My natural reaction would be to take the phone to the nearest pub, but not necessarily use an air compressor to wake it up,” he said.

The exact model of the iPhone was not mentioned, but from the images it appears to be an iPhone XR, which has an IP67 certification and promises to survive dives in up to 1 meter of fresh water for 30 minutes. Newer models like the iPhone 13 Pro ensure dives of up to 6 meters for the same period.

Source: Facebook, via 9to5Mac

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