Amber Heard’s plans to raise the severance money she owes Johnny Depp

The actress cannot afford the millionaire value of the indemnity and is looking for alternatives to pay the high amount

In search of paying the compensation owed to her ex-husband, Johnny Deppafter losing the legal dispute, Amber Heard would be negotiating to write a book about their relationship and their intimate life.

As revealed by a source close to the actress to OK! Magazine, the Aquaman star is “in no position to turn down money,” so she would be considering accepting the literary offer. She also thinks of her acting career as over after the lawsuit.

However, for the writer Dror Bikela divorce specialist heard by the magazine, the actress could end up being sued again by her ex-husband if she decides to go ahead with the publication of a work about the relationship.

depp and your lawyers will be reading and listening to everything you heard claim. If she slips up, which is likely, there is no doubt that she will be hit with another defamation suit and end up back in court,” she said.


the value that amber must pay is US$ 8 million considering the discount of US$ 2 million that Johnny Depp must pay her. Initially, the actress owed US$ 10 million in compensatory damages, about R$ 47 million. And $5 million in punitive damages, which was reduced to $350,000, as a result of a local Virginia law. The information is from Splash UOL.

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