Amid disagreements with Russia, Lithuania suffers cyber attacks | World

“It is very likely that attacks of similar or greater intensity will continue in the coming days, especially in the transport, energy and financial sectors,” the center said.

Secure networks used by state institutions are among those affected, he added.

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda during a speech at a NATO assembly — Photo: REUTERS

The Russian hacker group known as “Killnet” claimed responsibility for the attacks, saying it was in response to Vilnius’ decision to block the transit of some EU-sanctioned goods to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.

A spokesman for the group confirmed to Reuters that he was behind the attack.

Several wagons are parked in the Kaliningrad region — Photo: Vitaly Nevar/REUTERS

When asked if the attack was retaliation for blocking the transit of goods to Kaliningrad, the spokesman said: “Yes”, after confirming that the group had “demolished” more than 1600 Lithuanian assets.

Kaliningrad is linked to the rest of Russia by a rail link through Lithuania, a member of the EU and NATO.

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