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The National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) released this Tuesday (28) a proposal to standardize the entry of chargers in cell phones.

Based on a European Union project, the Brazilian agency intends to require the USB Type-C port as standard for all cell phone and charger connectors in the country.

Anatel’s proposal for a normative act is under public consultation, which means that it is not yet valid. On the agency’s website, the draft normative act will receive contributions from society until August 26.

According to a statement from Anatel, the USB-C input was chosen for the proposal “because it is already widely used by most global manufacturers”.

The agency also argued that this type of door already has a well-established and internationally recognized standardization.

The inlet is present on most Android phones released in recent years. However, the European project faces resistance from Apple, which uses Lightning technology in iPhones.

Cables: Lightning, used by Apple, and the connector standards for USB-A and USB-C — Photo: Henrique Martin/g1

In addition to citing the European Union’s plans, Anatel’s statement also mentions a request from US lawmakers to the country’s department of commerce for the USB-C input to also be adopted as standard.

In the statement, the agency stated that the technical area had evaluated the issue and recommended adopting an approach similar to that of Europe.

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