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Avenida is two games away from Gauchão’s Série A. After an exciting decision in Veranópolis on the night of this Monday, 27th, where Periquito was overcome by 1 to 0 and took the game to penalties, Avenida won 6 to 5 on penalties and is classified for the semifinal to take the Deep step.

After winning the first game at home, in the return game, at Antônio David Farina Stadium, in Veranópolis, Avenida lost 1-0 in normal time, a goal by Alex in the first half. In the second half, Periquito made a great presentation, and almost didn’t score the goal that would guarantee the tie and the classification. But the Avenida group did well in the maximum penalties, and celebrated a well-deserved classification in Veranópolis.


Without midfielder Totto, who was injured before the game, Avenida entered the field with three defenders. Matheus won his place in the team on the left side. Periquito almost took the lead, in the first move of the first half. Lucas Lopes arrived at the bottom line from the right and crossed low, but Arisson, who arrived in the middle of the area, did not reach the ball.

After the initial scare, Veranópolis took over the offensive plays and created several scoring chances. After 19 minutes of pressure, the home team opened the scoring with Alex. After crossing from the right, the defense of Avenida could not move away and the ball was left for the side Caxambu, on the left side. He crossed low, the ball deflected in Mateus Santana and left for Alex to complete with his right foot in the small area and open the scoring.

Rodrigo prevented Avenida from conceding the second goal, at 22. After a corner from the right, the ball was deflected to the middle of the area and Tom appeared free to kick from the left side, but Rodrigo did a miracle and avoided the goal.

After a bad start, Periquito improved in the final stretch of the first stage. Carrilho made a great move in the 41st minute and almost scored a great goal: he got rid of four markers and invaded the area, but the goalkeeper Prezzi saved the shot at close range.


Avenida dominated the beginning of the second half, and Arisson risked a dangerous kick in the first minute, which the Veranópolis goalkeeper spread and the defense took away from the area.

The home team had practically no chances to score in the second half. Coach Márcio Nunes started changing the team at half-time, with Xandy joining in for Raphael. Avenida was better, but lacked the equalizing goal, which would give the vacancy. To seek the goal, Léo Bahia entered at 31, Dandan left. Alexandre and Fernando entered at 42, Arison and Matheus left the field.

Veranópolis tried to put pressure at the end, but Avenida’s defense was solid throughout the game, and took the result until the end, for the penalty shootout.

Alexandre, Micael, Xandy, Léo Santos and Tadeu scored all five goals in Avenida’s first series. VEC also hit all five, with Bovi, Tom, Escobar, Mateus Santana and Garraty, and the charges went to the alternating series.

Léo Bahia lost to Avenida the sixth charge, and the home team had the chance to score the goal and qualify. But Marquinhos hit the post in Veranópolis’ sixth charge. Jhonata scored Avenida’s sixth goal, and Rodrigo secured Avenida’s classification by defending Cristian’s charge. Final score of penalties: 6 to 5 for alviverde, and a lot of celebration from the Avenida fans who attended Antônio David Farina.

Avenida now faces Passo Fundo in two matches. The first game is Sunday, July 3rd, at Vermelhão da Serra, in Passo Fundo, and the decision will be made at Eucaliptos, in Santa Cruz do Sul.


Place: Antonio David Farina, Veranópolis-RS
Date and time: 06/27, 19h
Arbitration: Erico Andrade de Carvalho, assisted by Claiton Timm and Daniel Gomes Fraga
Yellow card: Escobar (Veranopolis) Dandan, Matheus, Fernando (Avenue)
Goal: Alex, at 19min/1st (Veranopolis)

Rodrigo; Lucas Lopes, Micael, Léo Santos, Jhonata, Matheus (Fernando), Carrilho, Raphael (Xandy), Arisson (Alexandre), Dandan (Leo Bahia) and Tadeu.
Coach: Marcio Nunes
price; Bozzi, Milanez, Lombardi, Caxambu; Escobar, Mateus Santana, Garraty, Roger (Marquinhos), Tom and Alex (Cristian);
Coach: Cristian de Souza

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