Bracelet identifies covid-19 before symptoms, study says

Researchers from an international consortium have identified that the Ava smart bracelet, used to calculate the fertile period, was successful in identifying Covid-19 infection two days before symptoms actually appear.

The algorithm implemented by researchers from Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and Liechtenstein found the presence of the virus in 68% of the 127 study participants who had Covid-19. In total, 1163 volunteers were evaluated, followed up in March 2021. The pre-results were published in the scientific journal BMJ Open this month.

This was the first study that compiled physiological changes resulting from covid-19 for its pre-symptomatic identification. Parameters such as breathing rate, heartbeat and its variations, wrist skin temperature and tissue perfusion, which measures the flow of fluid between organs or tissues, were measured.

For patients with covid-19 who had pre-symptoms identified by the bracelet, the study found “significant changes” in heart rate and wrist temperature in the period before the first common signs of the disease, such as cough, runny nose, difficulty breathing. , fatigue, among others.

“Asymptomatic patients often ignore safety precautions, leading to increased transmission of the virus. Detection of covid-19 during the asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic stage facilitates early isolation, thus limiting contact with susceptible individuals,” the study says, who wants to assess the feasibility of the device on a large scale.

The Ava bracelet is approved by the US regulatory agency, the FDA, and retails for US$279. It is used during sleep and collects information every 10 seconds, requiring at least 4 hours of data per night, and measures variations that indicate the most favorable time for pregnancy.

The researchers say that a randomized trial with 20,000 people is being carried out after the first results with Ava and with covid-19, expected to be released in December 2022.

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