Brazil loses to Sweden in last game before Copa America

In the last friendly that served as preparation for the dispute of women’s America’s CupBrazil lost in a comeback this Tuesday to the Sweden team, for 3 to 1, and ended his preparation for Europe with two defeats. The goals of the game all came in the second half. Debinha scored for Brazil while Kaneryd, Hurtig and Blackstenius scored for the Swedes who occupy the second place in the world ranking.

In the match, Brazil was much superior in the first half, cornered the hosts and gave the impression that they would come out with the victory after leading the score. However, the physical condition was fundamental for the change of scenery in the final stage.

In the preparation work for the Copa America dispute, Brazil had lost to Denmark by the score of 2 to 1, in the first of the two friendlies that the group played in Europe. Brazil debuts in the Copa América of women’s football on July 9 and the opponent is Argentina.

Brazil loses to Sweden in last game before Copa America

Brazil loses to Sweden in last game before Copa America

Photo: Lucas Figueiredo / CBF

The first half of the match against the Swedes presented a Brazilian team with a solid defense and also with a good volume of play in the offensive sector. The hosts showed a slow transition to attack and Brazil took advantage of this to impose their rhythm and grow in the match.

The speed plays with Debinha and Ary Borges surprised the opposing team. The best moment, however, came in a cross from Tamires that ended up hitting Sweden’s crossbar. Another good chance came at the end of the first half. Adriana kicked, goalkeeper Lindahl missed badly, but Kerolin didn’t make it to the nets in time.

Buoyed by the good performance of the initial stage, Brazil returned with Bia Zanerato in place of Ary Borges and Duda Santos in the place of Luana. The team maintained the strong rhythm and opened the scoring after 5 minutes. Fê Palermo launched Debinha at speed from the right. Shirt nine advanced to the small area and touched the corner to make it 1-0.

The goal, however, ended up awakening the Sweden team, which benefited from the wear of the Brazilians to toughen the game. The physical part started to make the difference and Brazil began to have spaces in its defense field.

The Swedes increased the pace, started to create chances and managed to equalize in the 19th minute. In his first play of the game, Kaneryd made a beautiful individual play, entered the area and hit a cross to make it 1 to 1. The tie shook Pia Sundhage’s team and the carelessness cost dearly. Two minutes later, Andersson advanced down the left and crossed into the area. Hurtig entered without marking and, with his head, declared the comeback: 2 to 1.

From there, control of the game was with Sweden. Brazil tried to form a reaction, but could not make the transition efficiently. The Swedes managed the game and even reached the third goal with Blackstenius at the end.

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