Brazil puts 4 athletes in the semi and guarantees title in Saquarema

Brazil has already secured the title of the men’s bracket at the Oi Rio Pro, the Brazilian stage of the World Surfing Tour. The four semifinalists of the event held on Itaúna beach, in Saquarema, are Brazilians.

The first semifinal will be between Samuel Pupo and Italo Ferreira. The Olympic champion beat Samuel’s brother, Miguel Pupo, in the quarterfinals. Samuel beat fellow Brazilian Mateus Herdy.

On the other side of the bracket, the duel will be between Filipe Toledo, leader of the world ranking, and Yago Dora. Filipinho beat Australian Connor O’Leary in the quarterfinals, while Yago beat fellow Australian Callum Robson.

Yago was the last Brazilian to fall into the water in the quarterfinals and revealed that he felt a bit of pressure to achieve a 100% Brazilian semifinal.

“[Senti]A little, yes. I wanted to be the guy to close the day with a flourish”, said the surfer, who talked about the duel against Filipinho in search of a spot in the decision.

“Filipe is an idol for me, he surfs a lot, this year he’s above the rest of the world, with a great consistency, surfing a lot. I’m looking forward to surfing with him again. We’ve had a few heats, they all went to the side of him, but I love these hard drums. They’re the best.”

Filipinho guaranteed in the WSL Finals

Three-time champion of the Brazilian stage, Filipinho gained yet another reason to celebrate in Saquarema. The current world runner-up confirmed his spot in the WSL Finals, which will decide the 2022 world champion. He is assured of a place in the top five of the rankings, which will compete in the grand finale in September, in Trestles, in the United States.

The surfer from Ubatuba confirmed his spot in the Finals because the Australian Ethan Ewing, then seventh place before the Brazilian stage of the Circuit, lost in the round of 16 to Yago.

In this way, Toledo can no longer be surpassed by the sixth in the ranking, which will be known after the Saquarema event.

The three-time world champion Gabriel Medina fell in the second round, against the Australian Callum Robson, suffered a ligament injury in his left knee and left Saquarema.

In the women’s bracket, the only Brazilian at the event, Tatiana Weston-Webb, will face Hawaii’s Carissa Moore in the semifinals.

The next call for the Saquarema stage is tomorrow, at 7:15 am (Brasília time).

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