Brazil takes Sweden’s turn and loses 2nd friendly in a row in the women’s

In the last friendly preparation for the Copa America, Brazil lost 3-1 to Sweden, second in the world ranking, this Tuesday (28), and failed to break the undefeated series of the opponents. Coach Kurt Gerhardsson’s team is now unbeaten in 28 games. Debinha scored for Brazil. Kaneryd, Hurtig, Blackstenius turned to Sweden.

Coming from a 2-1 defeat against Denmark last week, the Brazilians looked for the game from the start and played an equal game against Sweden in the first half.

While the opponents proposed an exchange of balls in the defense and the valorization of possession, Pia Sundhage’s team was more objective, with quick transitions and counterattack, however, the pass errors returned to bother.

Brazil opened the scoring early in the second half, but after changes made by Kurt Gerhardsson, Pia’s team got lost on the field and couldn’t create anymore. Sweden turned around, scoring two goals in two minutes and gave final numbers to the scorer at the very end of the match.

First half: Good chances for Brazil

Brazil's dangerous bid in the friendly against Sweden - Iwi Onodera/UOL - Iwi Onodera/UOL

Brazil’s threat in the friendly against Sweden

Image: Iwi Onodera/UOL

The Brazilian attack had the first chance to open after nine minutes of the first half. With a quick exit, Kerolin received in the area, but kicked weakly, in the hands of goalkeeper Lindahl. Brazil started to scare again 20 minutes later, with Tamires, who almost scored a goal. The side received on the left and opened for Kerolin, who dominated badly. But the ball returned to Tamires, who crossed close, covering the Lindahl goalkeeper and exploding on the post.

Passing errors, which bothered Pia in the defeat against Denmark, were once again a problem for the Brazilian team. In the 39th minute, the Brazilian team missed a great opportunity to open the scoring. Kerolin received from Tamires in the middle of the field, escaped the marking and commanded a counterattack, but missed, in the half moon, the pass that would leave Debinha in the face of the goalkeeper. The Swedish defense cleared for a corner.

In stoppage time, Brazil had one more chance to open the scoring, this time with Adriana who carried the ball from the defense field to the entrance of the opposing area. She kicked, and goalkeeper Lindahl almost gave up. But he recovered quickly and recovered the ball over the line.

Second half – Brazil opens the scoring

Players from Brazil celebrate a goal in a friendly against Sweden - Iwi Onodera/UOL - Iwi Onodera/UOL

Brazil players celebrate goal in friendly against Sweden

Image: Iwi Onodera/UOL

Brazil managed to open the scoring just four minutes into the second half. Fe Palermo received a throw from Angelina and played first to Debinha, who dominated at the entrance of the area from the right, placed in front of the mark and hit Lindahl’s exit, between the goalkeeper and the post.

Sweden responded in the sequence and just couldn’t equalize thanks to a great defense by Lorena. Tamires lost the ball inside the area to Rolfo, who kicked it across to the great defense, with just one hand, of the Brazilian goalkeeper. But Brazil didn’t let it go, it responded with Kerolin. The attacker received in the area with her back to the mark, got the turn and hit cross, stamping Lindahl’s post.

Swedish pressure and upset

After the Brazilian goal, Sweden showed why it is one of the great women’s teams today and with the support of 30,000 fans at the Friends stadium, it sought a turnaround. Coach Kurt Gerhardsson promoted changes in the team, among them the entry of Kaneryd, who the first time he touched the ball, minutes after entering the field, left hers, tying the friendly. At 19 minutes, Kaneryd recovered the ball on the edge of the area, advanced in an individual play, passed Rafaelle in the area and kicked across, with no chance for Lorena.

Sweden started to like the game and turned right away. Two minutes later, Andersson received the ball on the left and made the cross for Hurtig to head unmarked in the middle of the area.

After scoring the first goal, Brazil almost failed to create offensive plays, which got worse after the Swedish comeback. He even tried, but Bia Zaneratto hit over the Swedish goal after Geyse won the dispute on the right, enters the area and crosses low.

The lime shovel came in the 43rd minute, with a great goal by Blackstenius. After a beautiful exchange of passes in the middle of the field, Blackstenius was released free on the back of the Brazilian defender and, with a beautiful cavadinha, covered Lorena.

Reunion with Pia

Brazilian national team coach Pia Sundhage greets Sweden coach Peter Gerhardsson - Iwi Onodera/UOL - Iwi Onodera/UOL

Brazil national team coach Pia Sundhage greets Sweden coach Peter Gerhardsson

Image: Iwi Onodera/UOL

The match served as a reunion of the Swedish Pia Sundhunge with the old team. In the last duel between the two teams, in 2016, Sweden eliminated Brazil at the Rio Olympics. There were two matches in the competition. In the first phase, Pia’s team was thrashed 5-1 by the Brazilians. But they did better in the semifinals, eliminating Brazil on penalties (3-4), after a goalless draw in normal time and extra time.

America’s Cup

Today’s match was the second of Brazil’s two preparatory commitments this June for the Copa América. Pia’s team had already been defeated by Denmark, 2-1, last week.

Brazil debuts in the Copa América against Argentina, on the 9th. The competition, held in Colombia, ends on the 30th of July.

Brazil is in Group B of the tournament, along with Argentina, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. In the other key are Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Paraguay. The top three in the competition qualify directly for the 2023 World Cup, which will be held in Australia and New Zealand.

While the game served as Brazil’s preparation for the Copa América, Sweden used today’s duel to adjust the last details for the Eurocup. The Swedes will also return to the field on July 9, in the debut of the European competition, against the Netherlands.

Sweden vs Brazil: women’s soccer team friendly

When: Tuesday (28), at 1:30 pm (Brasília time)
Where: Friends Arena stadium in Stockholm, Sweden

goals: Debinha (4 minutes of the 2nd half), Kaneryd (19 minutes of the 2nd half), Hnettle (21 minutes of 2nd half), Blackstenius (43 minutes of 2nd half).

Lindahl, Glas, Ilestedt, Ericsson, Andersson, Björn (Bennison), Angeldal (Seger), Asllani (Blackstenius), Jakobsson (Kaneryd), Hurtig (Blomqvist), Rolfö (Schough), Technician: Kurt Gerhardsson.

Brazil: Lorena, Fê Palermo (Letícia Santos), Rafaelle (Kathellen), Tainara, Tamires, Angelina, Luana (Duda Santos), Adriana (Geyse), Ary Borges (Bia Zaneratto), Kerolin (Gabi Portilho), Debinha. technique: Sindhage Sink

Cards: Debinha (Brazil)

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