‘Bumblebee’ | 10 facts about the most charismatic Transformer solo movie

After ten years of the saga transformers in theaters, Paramount invested in a spin off focused on the most charismatic of autobotsthe nice bumblebee. With a smaller budget and a story set in the 1980s, the film won the hearts of audiences and critics, who described the film as a blockbuster with fun and personality.

Showing the robot’s saga from its escape from Cybertron to its arrival on Earth, the film was a success. Thinking about it, CinePOP separated ten curiosities about the feature. Check out!


In the original saga, Volkswagen banned the use of the Beetle to prevent the brand from being associated with the famous violence of the films of the Michael Bay. In the new version, with the promise of a “more family” movie, the company agreed to release the vehicle to be closer to the cartoon version.

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The Beetle used for Bumblebee’s car shape is a 1967 model. And the shade of yellow used on it was only available for VW Beetles sold outside of Germany. That’s because this color was used to designate the Beetles of the German state postal service. Later, in 1990, the color was released for “touring” Beetles in Germany.

In count

Compared to the other films in the franchise transformers, Bumblebee was the cheapest in the saga. It cost around $128 million and grossed $468 million. Despite being the lowest-grossing film in the franchise, Bumblebee was considered a success by the studio, as Transformers: The Last Knight incurred a loss of approximately US$ 100 million.

Transformers Reasons Why

The film’s final battle was filmed at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard in California, sharing a location with the series. 13 Reasons Whygives Netflix. At various times, the production of the series had to wait for the filming of Bumblebee to end in order to try to record the episodes without the noise of helicopters and explosions in the background.

80’s Steinfeld

Charlie, the film’s human protagonist, is played by Hailee Steinfeld, who was born in 1996. As the film is set in 1987, she had no idea how the period items worked. So she needed a tutorial from the older team members to learn how to tinker with things like a Walkman.

Talks a lot!

A hallmark feature of movie theater Bumblebee is radio communication. In this origin movie, they explain how he lost his voice and how he found this alternative to communicate. Even so, if radio dialogues are excluded, the little yellow robot still has eight lines before it loses its ability to speak.


Initially, the film was made as a prequel to the Michael Bay saga. However, the studio changed its mind and started treating it as a reboot. That’s why Megatron doesn’t show up. In the original version of the script, he was frozen with the Sector 7 agents, causing him to be released only 30 years later in 2007.


This absence of Megatron made the actor Peter Cullenwhich gives voice to Optimus Prime in cinemas, become the only one to participate in all live action of the Transformers.


Bumblebee was the first live-action directing job for Travis Knight, who had previously served as producer and animation director. It is also the first Transformers film not directed by Michael Bay. Speaking of Bay, Knight said the explosive director – who worked as a producer on this film – never tried to impose his flamboyant style on Travis’ work. In fact, the director said he received a lot of support from the producer.

Iron Giant

One of the film’s biggest influences was the animated feature “the iron giant”. The big robot in the cartoon is honored in the final stretch of the film, when Bumblebee recovers his defense protocol and his eyes change to red, leaving him ready to face the army, just like the Iron Giant.

bumblebee is available at Netflix and not Star+.

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