Endless Dungeon Brings a Mix of Tower Defense with Tactical Roguelite | Preview

Endless Dungeon is the new project by Amplitude Studios. It was announced in 2021 and has not yet had its release date set, but it is getting closer and closer to reaching its final version.

Now, TudoCelular has had access to one of its test versions, to find out what to expect from this game that mixes a number of genres. Check out all the details below:

mix of styles

Although not considered directly, it can fit in as a kind of sequel to the Dungeon Of The Endless, a turn-based game released in 2004 by the same studio. The new title is also set in the same universe as Endless Legend and Endless Space.

But it is the first mentioned that we can see the most reference elements in the story, from survival in waves of enemy attacks, to the dungeon racing part very present in Endless Dungeon.

The developers built the game by uniting two very expressive sub-genres. One of them is tower defense, as you’ll need to protect a robot with a crystal in its head until the end. The other is roguelite-style, as you’ll need to enter randomly generated rooms until you find the exit.

Objectives and mechanics

In this game, it is basically necessary to defend the robotic creature (Crystal Bot), responsible for its exit from the abandoned space station, while facing waves of enemies that will try to destroy it, until finding its escape point and successfully escorting the Bot to the exit.

For this, it is necessary to be strategic and place turrets and other defense or support instruments – such as modules to polish the armor or pillars that slow enemies -, throughout the rooms, to achieve the objective without dying. You will need to open doors to different spaces, where you can find aliens to defeat, loot chests, or simply empty spaces to prepare the infrastructure to stay alive.

This is done in a team with up to three characters, only two slots are unlocked until you find the factory during the race. In all, there will be eight heroes at launch. However, we only had access to three: the mini-gunner Zed, the robotic squire Bunker, and the four-armed cowboy Blaze.

Each of them has three abilities, and you can switch between them as you progress, whenever you want. This means that your control will vary as you find it more interesting to use each one’s talents. Once again, the strategy is present.

Both in the chests and when opening the doors, you will gain resources such as “Science”, “Industry” and “Food”. They were used for you to unlock new turrets, build your defenses or resource generators, or buy medicine kits to restore your health.

How the experience?

Overall, the gaming experience is more on the positive side. Even within the limitations that this testing phase of the game imposes, it was possible to understand the entire strategy demanded by the game, whether when preparing its infrastructure along the way, or even when it will need to defend itself in moments of action.

The graphics are very nice and hits the play of light and shadow, in addition to the visible details, despite the view without a large size on the map. For sure, the other adventures and the other characters will improve everything that the title delivers in the visual part.

However, there are still points that we notice room for improvement. One of them is to reduce the scarcity of resources. What you get paid to build your infrastructure often leaves no room for error. That is, your investments must be accurate, or it will cost you all the progress.

At the very least, the roguelite style always leaves that “I want more” feeling when you finish a race – whether successful or not – to see how you would go about fixing your previous mistakes and applying resources better than the last.

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Final considerations

Endless Dungeon It is a game with great potential for success. It makes a satisfying mix of styles to make gameplay even more interesting. Having to take advantage of the strategy while trying to defend the bot and looking for the exit brings a high immersion and makes the matches very interesting.

It is worth mentioning that the game is not complete nor does it have a release date yet. Those interested in the title can follow the progress through the official page on the Steam platform.

What are your expectations for the new game from Amplitude Studios? Report it to us in the space below!

*Thanks to the game’s advice for allowing TudoCelular to test for this hands-on/preview!

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