Father tries to prevent son’s arrest by using bulldozer to threaten police – News

Two police officers were attacked by an excavator piloted by an angry father, who was trying to prevent his son’s arrest. The video with the act was shared by the police of Vermont, in the United States. The images show that the mother also tried to help in the resistance.

The authorities’ target was Brandon Tallman, accused of theft and serious assault. But his parents were unwilling to see their son behind bars.

Seeing the arrival of the police on the 15th, the parents – Wayne Tallman, 52, and Amy, 48 – began to react.

While the mother clung to her son to delay the police action, the father went further and climbed onto the excavator.

With the arm of the vehicle, he threatened to hit the police officers and the vehicle used by them. Not even with a gun pointed at him did Wayne back away from the action.

On Twitter, Vermont State Police said no one was injured in the incident. Wayne was eventually arrested for assault and resisting arrest.

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