Find out which soap opera will replace Alma Gêmea on Canal Viva


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What will be the replacement for Soulmate on the Viva Channel? According to information from the newspaper O Globo, Força de um Desejo takes the place of Walcyr Carrasco’s plot.

The exhibition takes place as a great tribute to the late author Gilberto Braga, one of those responsible for the production. Therefore, the premiere will be on October 24, showing at 3 pm and reruns at 11:45 pm.

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Force of a Wish marked the author’s return to the 18h track. In addition to Braga, Alcides Nogueira was one of the authors. The direction was on account of Marcos Paulo and Mauro Mendonça Filho.

The plot aired between 1999 and 2000 and had more than 200 chapters. In addition, it was reprized in Vale a Pena Ver de Novo in 2005. The audience average was 26 points, below 30, the goal at the time.

Reginaldo Faria and Sônia Braga in The Force of a Desire (Disclosure / TV Globo)

Story of Force of a Desire

A period novel, The Force of a Desire told the love story between the wealthy farmer Ignatius (Fábio Assunção) and the courtesan Ester (Malu Mader).

They get involved, but the romance ends after frames of Idalina (Nathalia Timberg), the boy’s grandmother. On the other hand, whoever falls in love with the girl is Henrique Sobral (Reginaldo Faria), father of Inácio.

Esther marries the rich man unaware of his kinship with her great love. They meet and avoid each other, to the point where Ignatius teams up with Alice (Lavinia Vlasak), cunning daughter of Hyginus Ventura (Paulo Betti), great enemy of his father.

Malu Mader starred in the telenovela Force of a Desire

In the midst of twists and intrigues, the end of the plot is marked by the murder of Sobral. Inácio is even accused of the crime, but in fact Bárbara Ventura (Denise Del Vecchio) is the big bad guy.

In addition to those mentioned, the soap opera featured several renowned actors: Claudia Abreu, Sônia Braga, Selton Mello, Marcelo Serrado, Giovanna Antonelli, Daniel Dantas, among others.

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