Flamengo appeals against the decision that determined Vasco vs Sport at Maracanã

Flamengo filed an interlocutory appeal against the decision of the 51st Civil Court of the Court of Justice (TJ-RJ), which determined that the match between Vasco and Sport, this Sunday (3), at 4 pm, for the 16th round of Série B , take place in Maracanã.

The appeal, signed by the offices “Basílio Advogados” and “José Roberto Sampaio Advogados”, contains 29 pages and cites in its support even Camões, in “Os Lusíadas”, with the passage “Now it’s late, Inês is dead”.

The grievance focuses, mainly, on the possibility of damage to the lawn, potentiated with the winter period. And it reinforces the thesis with a technical report from the company that takes care of the field. He also refutes the arguments presented by Cruzmaltino lawyers, who convinced judge Alessandro Oliveira Félix.

“Sorry for the outburst, but it is very comfortable for VASCO DA GAMA, from one moment to the next, at his will, without spending a penny in investments to improve the stadium and the lawn, to choose, at his pleasure, and with limited advance notice (knowing that the annual calendar of matches for the Campeonato Brasileiro Série B has already been released months ago) when and for what price will play in that stadium, under the simplistic argument that it is a “public good”says an excerpt.

In another, the lawyers deny that there is any contractual provision, in the Permission Term, that obliges Flamengo to cede Maracanã to another club:

“The eloquent silence of the TPU, currently in force, therefore, must be respected, which is why, contrary to what the appealed decision, dmv, understood, there is no contractual provision that obliges FLAMENGO, as permissionaire, to make available the MARACANÃ STADIUM so that the other clubs in the STATE OF RIO DE JANEIRO can hold official football matches in an unrestricted and equal way, which would only be with prior planning, which in this case, there was not”.

Vasco, in turn, has already started selling tickets this morning (28) and more than 30,000 tickets were sold only to members in just over three hours. The South Sector of Maracanã is sold out.

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