Hacker moves part of $100 million stolen from crypto project

The hacker behind last week’s $100 million attack on the Harmony blockchain began moving some of the project’s embezzled funds late last night, public data visualized on the blockchain shows.

Project Harmony is aware of the attackers’ movements and is collaborating with blockchain analysis firms and the Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI) to identify the culprit, the project’s developers said in a tweet Tuesday morning.

The hacked bridge is a smart contract that mediates the transfer of assets between external blockchains and the Harmony network. The attack allowed users to swap (convert) assets such as stablecoins and NFTs and other tokens between the Ethereum (ETH), BNB Chain and Harmony blockchains.

“We are aware that the hacker started moving funds through Tornado Cash. Our team is working with two highly reputable blockchain tracking and analytics partners and collaborating with the FBI as part of an investigation into this criminal act.”

Tornado Cash is a service that breaks the connection between the source and destination addresses of a blockchain transaction. This allows exploiters and hackers to mask your addresses while rescuing illicitly obtained values.

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Blockchain data shows that the hacker’s wallet, branded as “Horizon Bridge Exploiter”, has moved more than 36,000 ETH in the last few hours, equivalent to more than $44 million.

On Monday (27), the explorer moved more than 18,000 ETH, totaling more than US$ 22 million at that time, for three wallets. The coins were then sent to Tornado Cash. In the end, only a few ETH remained in the wallets.

Earlier today, the explorer moved another 18,000 ETH to a different wallet. Afterwards, about 6,000 ETH were moved to a separate wallet, with the address 0x89f89d61644c6e606efb25a01210159f102fbd8b.

The funds were then sent to the anonymous swap service Tornado Cash, which hides the origin of the amounts, in lots of 100 ETH each, according to blockchain data. More than 1,200 ETH, worth just over $1.4 million, has passed through Tornado Cash to date.

The hacker’s top wallet was still holding more than 49,000 ETH, or more than $59 million, as of the early hours of Tuesday. Meanwhile, the price of the ONE token, native to the Harmony network, has dropped nearly 9% to 2 cents in the last 24 hours.

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