How mobile games can bring health benefits

If you access Twitter, you must have seen posts about Termo, Wordle, Letreco, among other strange names at some point. These games, which basically have the same rules as the hangman game, are some of the online pastimes that have become popular in recent times. A simple game, with word guessing and a limited number of attempts, and which, like many others, can have more benefits than just relaxing.

Pleasure, fun and the feeling of joy are effects of quick identification and are considered benefits caused by games, according to Raphael Spera, assistant physician at Hospital das Clínicas and specializing in Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology. “After a long clinical analysis, depending on the patient’s needs, we recommend games, but he has to enjoy playing games, because otherwise, it can even generate negative responses”, says the doctor.

In addition to the emotional aspect, Spera explains that when the brain does the learning and memorization process, new synapses and connections are created. Thus, the practice generates long-term cognitive benefits. “Games influence attention, decision-making, organization, memorization and language development, which is a cognitive skill.” Another effect is the expansion of visuospatial capabilities in the case of three-dimensional games, such as chess.


For João Medeiros, 91, crosswords and cryptograms have been part of his life since he was 20 years old. He tried to adopt football as a hobby, but when he took the field, he realized he had no talent. Already with the crossword, he says he identifies his talent and the impacts that games bring to his life. “I’m good at Portuguese, but there are some words I don’t know and the games end up teaching me. That way, I learn and the memory does the work for the next games. But sometimes it fails”, he recalls.

With aging, there may be reductions in brain volume and a progressive deficit in intellectual abilities, including memory. This situation is exemplified in the case of João, reinforcing the idea that the loss of some memories is natural. “We are what we remember and what we forget, and this result is part of our personality formation”, explains the neurologist.


In addition, games are also used in education as a tool for various purposes, whether psychomotor, cognitive, affective or social. “The first great learning is for the individual to come across rules, the idea of ​​knowing that there is a way to play, understand and internalize it”, warns Luciana Morelli, psychologist and educational psychologist. Games and play are commonly related to the educational development of the individual in the early stages of life, but it is worth noting that these learnings and effects impact any age.

For Beatriz Segatto, 22, the Country Game – an Instagram filter in which the player has to try to hit the name of the country corresponding to the flag that appears on the screen – is her daily investment. According to the young woman, everyone should know the flags of other countries, so she sees it as training and can see the impact that the game has on her life.

“When there is a flag I don’t know, I click on the answer, I learn and I don’t forget”, he says. In addition to learning, she understands that the game transports her to realities different from hers, also exercising her empathy.

According to Luciana Morelli, also director of a kindergarten school, learning starts from this interaction between stimuli and responses, causing a process of change and adaptation of a behavior. “In games, people learn to wait their turn to play, win and lose, think about strategies and even do a self-assessment.”

However, the criteria for choosing the game are fundamental, among them are: attention to the indicative classification, the person’s interest in the type of game and the objectives. “Some children don’t like math, but sometimes they are playing a game in which they develop logical thinking and don’t even realize it”, adds the director.

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