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The new smartphone from HTC can be used with a virtual reality headset (Image: HTC/Playback)

the manufacturer of smartphones HTC launched its first cell phone metaversedeveloped to be compatible with the virtual world created by the company, “Viverse”, in addition to having cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

According to Decrypt, the new smartphone — HTC Desire 22 Pro — already comes with applications that allow access to the account on metaverse.

In a statement, the company said the Viverse app allows users to purchase NFTs and build “their own virtual space.” In addition, the new smartphone from HTC comes with crypto wallet for Ethereum and Polygon built into the device.

Will HTC be able to compete with Apple and Android?

the smartphone HTC Desire 22 Pro can be used with HTC’s Vive Flow VR virtual reality headset. It features 2.2 HDCP connectivity, allowing the user to wirelessly mirror content to the VR headset.

The device “opens up new immersive experiences as the ideal partner for Vive Flow — whether meeting peers in virtual reality or enjoying your own cinema wherever you are,” said Global Director of Product at HTCSjen Ye, in a company statement.

Although the smartphone’s features classify it as a “powerful mid-range device”, the new smartphone from HTC will not be a threat to Apple and Android devices, according to Decrypt.

With wireless charging functionality (wireless), HTC Desire 22 Pro will have a 16.7 cm long screen and 128 GB of storage.

HTC joined crypto technology relatively early compared to other companies.

In 2018, HTC launched Exodus 1, a smartphone with a built-in crypto wallet and the ability to command a node of the Bitcoin network.

Developers of the Solana network
announce 1st smartphone focused on Web 3.0

*With Decrypt information

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