Ibiza: Robbery at Ronaldo’s house causes damage of R$ 16.5 million to Verratti

Verratti was staying at Ronaldo's house in Ibiza and was robbed
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Verratti was staying at Ronaldo’s house in Ibiza and was robbed

Ronaldo’s house, in Ibiza, Spain, was robbed last Sunday (26). Enjoying his vacation, Verratti, a PSG midfielder, rented the Fenmeno residence and had his belongings stolen. The Spanish press estimated the loss of the Italian athlete at 3 million euros (R$ 16.5 million).

The local newspaper, Diario de Ibiza, reported that Verratti and his family were not at the house at the time of the robbery.

Live this Monday (27), on his Twitch channel, Ronaldo talked about the robbery. The majority partner of SAF do Cruzeiro confirmed the information in the Spanish press.

“Yes, guys. My house was robbed in Ibiza. The house was rented with a friend and they took a lot of the tenant’s stuff, but his family wasn’t at home. It has nothing to do with me, they didn’t take anything from me, but they took his.” , said Ronaldo.

Ronaldo is in Brazil and will follow the next two matches of Cruzeiro in Mineiro, in Belo Horizonte, for Serie B: against Sport, this Tuesday (28), and against Vila Nova-GO, on Friday (1) .

Despite the attack on his home in Ibiza, Fenmeno confirmed that he would spend the months of July and August there with family and friends.

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