Italian company uses Spyware to hack into cell phones

Thousands of cell phones Androids and iOS may be at risk of being invaded by spyware whose development was carried out by an Italian company with the aim of breaking into private messages and personal contacts.

In an attempt to make phones more secure, Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) has published reports on mobile phone vulnerabilities. Check out the full article by how to know if your cell phone is being attacked.

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How to know if your phone is being attacked?

Recently, TAG reported that Milan-based company RCS Labs has created tools to spy on private messages, as well as user passwords and contacts. These tools have been used to spy on the phones of people based in Italy and Kazakhstan.

To find out if your phone is at risk, TAG reveals that spyware uses a combination of clever tactics to break into a user’s phone. Among these is trying to get people to download a malicious application on your Android or iOS device.

Another way used is to disable user data through your operator, then send a link by text message, as if you were the operator, so that the problem is “fixed”.

According to the RCS Labs website, they have European law enforcement agencies as clients. However, Google claims that the problem is that they are allowing the proliferation of dangerous hacking tools and, in addition, arming governments that would not be able to develop these features in-house.

Spyware can be very dangerous, especially if it gets into the wrong hands. This isn’t even the first time a spyware company has been caught hacking into phones. Spyware Pegasus, from the Israeli company NSO, was found spying on journalists and activists in different governments around the world.

There may be little reason to be concerned for now, as the attack does not appear to be widespread and there are no indications that users in other countries were affected. However, it is indeed something to keep an eye on.

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