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GTA RP may not be an official version of Rockstar’s GTA 5, but it has active servers and a lot of people playing. Among the main names are Cidade Alta, by LOUD, Complexo and Cidade R10, recently launched and which belongs to former soccer player Ronaldinho Gaúcho. Each of them has its attractions and possibilities for users to build their stories within the game, establishing their own saga. The servers are usually free and have exclusive access on PCs, but in order to have fun on one, you need to pass an interview to be accepted.

With constant updates and offering the possibility of “role-play”, these virtual cities have been attracting more and more public and even companies, with actions and campaigns such as iFood and Pfizer itself to encourage vaccination against Covid-19. The idea of ​​Metaverse, by the way, goes through this immersion in virtual environments seen in online games. With that in mind, the TechTudo made a list of 7 GTA 5 RP servers worth knowing.

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GTA RP works in GTA Online, but offers the possibility of role play to players — Photo: Disclosure / Rockstar

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GTA RP is a modification of GTA Online that works within the game GTA 5, using the FiveM program. The abbreviation “RP” stands for role-play, in English, which can be translated as “role-playing”. The idea is that the player lives the character’s life, playing him inside the server at all times and interacting with other people who play in the same place. Regardless of the server, the modification uses Los Santos and surroundings as a base.

The proposal refers to the concept of Metaverse, which gained strength after the change from Facebook to Meta. The idea is to bring a virtual reality where people can interact simulating real life, just like in RP games, but working as an extension, not necessarily as an alternative. The creator of PK XD, another game with a multiplayer and role-playingCharles Barros, spoke with the TechTudo on another occasion and defined the Metaverse as “an online universe where people can meet, socialize, solve problems, etc”.

The Cidade Alta server of GTA RP has already received campaigns from brands such as iFood — Photo: Disclosure/iFood

The difference lies precisely in the fantasy part. In the case of GTA RP servers, it is necessary to follow the interpretation to the letter in some cases. It is not possible, for example, to talk to someone in-game asking about game mechanics, such as which button to press to perform an action. You have to find out beforehand and just talk as if you were a person inside that city, disregarding the real world. In GTA RP, it is possible to get virtual jobs, develop relationships and participate in missions.

RP is not officially recognized by Rockstar, as the company prefers to focus efforts on popularizing the official multiplayer version of the game, GTA Online. Even so, it does not prevent the functioning of the RP servers, which allows several players to have fun in virtual cities, including in Brazil. However, there are also rules that must be followed by those who wish to remain on the servers, which hold up to 1,024 simultaneous players. See the most popular:

Cidade Alta is known for LOUD and has hosted celebrities such as singer Anitta — Photo: Disclosure/Cidade Alta

Perhaps the most famous GTA RP server in Brazil, Cidade Alta, released by LOUD, was one of the first to become popular. It is the one where the rules are more defined and followed to the letter, with a large team of moderation always checking everything that happens within the virtual world.

It is in Cidade Alta that some of the main GTA RP streamers and even celebrities, such as the singer Anitta, also play, increasing their popularity. Commercial partnerships have brought real brands into the game in the past. Among them, it is worth mentioning Submarino, with an action focused on buying and selling computer products, iFood, with players wearing delivery skins, and Jeep, which offered a free car among possible rentals at the dealership. To enter, you must first access the official server on Discord and wait for the selective interview process for the Whitelist to open.

Complex is maintained by the organization Fluxo and its main names are Nobru and Cerol — Photo: Disclosure/Complexo

Cidade Alta’s biggest competitor, Complexo is also growing in popularity. The server is maintained by the organization Fluxo and has professional players Nobru and Cerol as some of its main names. The Complex offers some live shows within the city and is also always receiving news, in addition to having a strong moderation team so that everything is under control. Access is also made via Discord, with prior interview.

3. City R10 (Ronaldinho Gaucho)

City R10 is the latest world on the list. Launched in June 2022, this is a server inaugurated by none other than Ronaldinho Gaúcho, who was once a star of the Brazilian football team. The R10 arrives to be another strong competitor among the most famous servers, maintaining the idea that made the competitors successful.

Cidade R10 is a server recently launched by the star Ronaldinho Gaúcho — Photo: Reproduction/City R10

One of the differentials, however, is that the city has already started with a great partnership with an external brand, Volkswagen, which is representing some of the cars available for purchase. in game. It is also necessary to complete the Whitelist and undergo an interview to be able to play on the server.

NoPixel is one of the most traditional servers in GTA RP and, because of that, it makes one of the best management of its players. Despite being created outside Brazil, this is a city full of Brazilians, so it is quite common to see players speaking Portuguese within their games or streamings.

To enter the server, it is necessary to register through the official website (, and wait for the answer of the interview. It should be noted, however, that registration is not open. In addition, it also has different rules in relation to Brazilian servers, although it is allowed to play speaking Portuguese.

NoPixel is a gringo server, but it has a strong Brazilian community — Photo: Disclosure/NoPixel

City of Angels is a GTA RP server created with the proposal to be even more inclusive. With a female founder, streamer Carolina “funBABE” Azeredo, the server brings an experience very similar to that seen in the worlds of Cidade Alta and Complexo, and can be considered a “third power” among nationals.

Entry is from interview and Whitelist, via Discord, when available. Cidade dos Anjos is usually populous and also has other famous streamers among its games.

Potatos RP was the first server to be launched in Brazil — Photo: Disclosure/Potatos RP

Potatos RP was the first GTA RP server launched in Brazil and has been live since February 2018. With that, the server has the differential of having been the pioneer in a series of actions that can be carried out within the game, such as getting jobs, create personalized establishments, among others.

Access is also made via the Whitelist, which, in this case, is usually open longer than on other servers, making it a good option for first-timers. One of the famous streamers who play on Potatos RP is YouTuber Rato Borrachudo, who even launched snack bars with his brand of coxinhas, Jeff Coxinhas, within the server.

Connection Brasil is based on the map of Los Santos, but tries to reproduce the environment of Rio de Janeiro — Photo: Disclosure/Conexão Brasil

Conection Brasil is another GTA RP server that has been growing a lot and also has an open Whitelist for a longer period of time compared to competitors. Access is via an interview conducted via bot on the official Discord. Its great differential is in the setting: Rio de Janeiro.

Despite using the map of Los Santos, as in GTA 5, Connection Brazil tries to simulate Rio de Janeiro in every aspect. This is seen in the decorations of the houses, police cars, which imitate those of the wonderful city and even on the shirts of Rio de Janeiro football teams, such as Flamengo, Vasco, Botafogo and Fluminense.

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