Mother forgets 5-year-old son in car and child dies of heat on 38°C day in US – News

A 5-year-old boy died of heat after his mother left him in a car in the city of Harris, Texas, last Monday (20), when the city reached a record temperature of 38°C.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzales posted on his Facebook page that the child was left in the vehicle for several hours and was found dead at the scene when emergency teams arrived.

The text also explains that the woman returned home with the boy and their other 8-year-old daughter. Upon exiting the car, she assumed the boy had left the vehicle along with his sister, but remained strapped into his child safety seat. The family was involved in the preparations for the eldest daughter’s birthday party.

“After 2 or 3 hours, the mother realized that the boy was not inside the house. When she arrived in his car, she found that he was still in the safety seat,” Gonzalez wrote, noting that the investigation into the case remains ongoing.

“Usually, the boy would know how to let go and go out on his own, but he didn’t know the car properly because it was rented,” he added.

According to the American vehicle ABCNews, the boy is the fifth child to die inside a car at high temperature this year in the US, according to the organization Kids and Cars.

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