Moto G82 bets on AMOLED screen, good battery and stereo sound | Review / Analysis

The Moto G82 is Motorola’s latest bet in the premium mid-range segment. It comes to occupy the space left between the Moto G71 and the Moto G100. Does one more device make sense among so many similar Motorola options? It’s basically a G71 with a larger 120 Hz screen, with stereo sound and optical stabilization on the main camera.

The Moto G82 is a cell phone with a plastic finish available in white and black. Its design is very similar to that of other recent releases by the brand. On the front we have thinner edges and a hole for the selfie camera. The back does not have chromatic paint like others and we have a more discreet dotted pattern.

The 6.6-inch screen has a rate of 120 Hz, a good level of brightness and displays great colors. Stereo sound has good power and sound quality, although the treble stands out more when the volume is at maximum. Motorola sends the same phone as the Edge line in the box, it delivers good comfort and sound quality.

The G82 is another one from Motorola with Snapdragon 695 and 6GB of RAM. It doesn’t get excited about multitasking performance and even fails to close some apps in the background. At least it runs all games well and even some heavy ones at maximum quality.

The 5,000 mAh battery performs well and lasts all day with ease in automatic mode that comes by default that makes the screen switch between 60 and 120 Hz depending on demand. You can brake at whatever speed you find most interesting if battery is a concern for you. The 33W charger takes over an hour to recharge.

The 50 MP camera has decent quality and optical stabilization helps to have less blurry photos in dark places. The ultra-wide could be better, as well as the macro which is quite limited. The Moto G82 records in Full HD, has good stabilization and has an agile focus. Sound capture is stereo and of good quality.

Is it worth buying the Moto G82? There are better options from Motorola. But if you liked the device, it’s worth checking out our offers below, as well as the full review.

The Motorola Moto G82 was launched in Brazil in June 2022 by BRL 2,999but can be found in offers below:

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