Movie Premieres in July Have Thor, Elvis, Black Phone and More

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We are almost halfway through the year. Thus, many films have already premiered both on streaming service and in theaters. However, much is still to come in the last six months of the year. But calm down! No anxiety at the moment. First, let’s get to know the films that premiere in July at the movies.

in total, six long must reach the Brazil throughout the seventh month of the year. And, to be honest, they have movies for all tastes. So fans of Marvel will have a warm heart, but those who like horror and suspense will also be well represented. In this way, we have separated a list of the 6 main movie premieres in July. Finally, check:

The 6 movie premieres in July

1. Thor: Love and Thunder (7th of July)

Thor: Love and Thunder begins the list of movie premieres in July. Directed by Taika Waititi, the feature proposes a “midlife crisis” to the character. So fans can expect a Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in search of self-knowledge and a new destiny.

In addition, the Norse God will meet an old acquaintance from the past: Jane Foster, his ex-girlfriend. In the list are Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Tessa Thompson, Russell Crowe. Furthermore, the characters of Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) will also be in the feature.

2. Elvis (July 14th)

under the direction of Baz Luhrmannthe biographical musical Elvis follows decades of the artist’s life, who will be interpreted by Austin Butler. Above all, the film shows the rise to fame from the singer’s relationship with the businessman. “Colonel” Tom Parker (Tom Hanks).

The story delves into the dynamics of the United States between evolution and the loss of innocence of Elvis. Thus, along the journey, the artist finds Priscilla Presley (Olivia DeJonge), one of the biggest sources of inspiration and one of the most important people in Elvis’ life.

3. Crimes of the Future (July 14th)

Crimes of the Future is one of the movie premieres in July. Thus, the long Viggo Mortensen, Léa Seydoux and Kristen Stewart on a science fiction journey. In the plot, humans must learn to live and adapt to the synthetic environment. However, this requires that the species needs to go beyond its natural state, evolving into metamorphosis.

On the one hand, some humans are in agreement and embrace the potential for change. On the other hand, the Accelerated Evolution Syndrome is spreading rapidly. Under these circumstances, Saul Tenser (Mortensen), a recognized artist, receives alterations to his body. Beside caprice (Seydoux), Tenser has turned organ removal into a spectacle for fans. However, the researcher Timlin (Stweart) intends to highlight the case to show the world the consequences of the experiments.

4. The Black Telephone (July 21)

the black phone delivers horror for the movie premieres in July. Thus, the film brings the kidnapping of Finney Shaw, a 13 year old boy. A sadistic serial killer (Ethan Hawke) imprisons him in a soundproof basement. However, the young man finds an old telephone on the wall of the room.

It turns out that when the device rings, Shaw can hear previous victims. In fact, they try to prevent the boy from having the same fate. with the direction of Scott Derricksonthe script of the film receives the signature of Joe Hill. In the list are Mason Thames, Madeleine McGraw and Ethan Hawke.

5. X: The Mark of Death (July 28)

X: The Mark of Death is another horror movie slated for July. This time a horror slasher (horror film subgenre) by the director Ti West. Thus, the feature follows a group of pornographic filmmakers during a new production. Alongside the actors, the team travels to Texas, on the property Howard and Pearlto record the movie The Farmer’s Daughters.

However, the couple who own the place receive them under strange circumstances and characteristics. So people start to disappear. Finally, when Howard discovers the real reason for the film, the cast must start fighting for their lives.

6. DC League of Super Pets (July 28)

Finally, DC League of Super Pets finalizes the list of movie premieres in July. The animated feature brings Krypto the Superdog (Dwayne Johnson) and Super man (Maron Maron), inseparable friends, fighting crime in metropolis side by side. But when the Justice League disappears, kidnapped by Lex Luthorthe dog needs to form a team of pets that have been given superpowers.

Thus, the film presents a dog named Ace (Kevin Hart), a pig called PB (Vanessa Bayer), a tortoise named Merton (Natasha Lyonne), and a squirrel named chip (Diego Luna). Everyone has different superpowers.

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