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The newspaper El País managed to ‘fire’ the world press, except in France.

The Madrid newspaper published that Neymar was warned that PSG no longer wants to continue with his football. Despite having renewed, in 2021, his contract until 2025, with an extension until 2027, the club’s management would have decided to get rid of the Brazilian.

Due to the reformulation of concepts that will dominate PSG, since the arrival of the Portuguese Luís Campos, as football executive, in place of the fired Brazilian Leonardo.

According to the article, Mbappé would have been fundamental for the direction to understand that the Brazilian would be a bad example. The striker, in conversation with the club’s top management and with President Nasser Al-Khelaifi would have shown the ‘bad influence’ of the team’s number 10.

That the Brazilian would not like to train, having played with three or four kilos more than his ideal. And also for his behavior off the field.

The player’s father would have been warned. And he replied that there is a signed contract and that PSG owes 200 million euros, around R$ 1.1 billion, to his son.

Neymar would have been ‘humiliated’ and would like to play for another club.

The matter had repercussions in numerous media outlets in several countries. Including the indefectible articles about possibilities where Brazilians can play.

Chelsea, on account of coach Thomaz Tuchel, with whom he worked at PSG. At Manchester United, to team up with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Newcastle, on account of the money of the Saudi Arabian royal family, who took over the club.

The ‘eternal’ return to Barcelona, ​​because of what he did at the best moment of his career.

Or Juventus, who will form a great team for this new season.

What is very strange is that the media in France, especially those in Paris, continue to work with Neymar’s permanence at PSG.

The charge will be much stronger, with the arrival of Luís Campos, who worked with Mbappé at Monaco. But that Neymar will continue in France.

And that there was no announcement of departure. But only that the way of working will be very different from what it was in Leonardo’s time.

Neymar continues to be considered a very important player for the squad, which is being reinforced.

The main concern would not be with Neymar, but with the departure of Mauricio Pochettino. Christophe Galtier, who left Nice, is expected to be PSG’s new coach. And he is much more demanding in terms of discipline than the Argentine.

Meanwhile, without showing the slightest sign of concern about the matter that would have received the warning that he would not continue at PSG, Neymar enjoys his vacation in Brazil.

He posted photos with his girlfriend at a June party he made at his mansion in Mangaratiba. For a change, numerous photos and videos were released. From him singing with sprinter Paulo André to models in stylized, very short ‘hillbilly’ clothes. The usual.

The big difference is that Neymar is already 30 years old and is five months away from a World Cup.

And that there’s not the slightest mention of special preparation for the season that starts next month.

Nor to try to make PSG champions for the first time in the Champions League.

Or fight to make Brazil regain the World Cup, after 20 years.

No, just pictures of the binges that have barely begun.

Neymar is on vacation, it’s his right to party, but it wouldn’t hurt to preserve himself, prepare for the next semester of extreme demand, at PSG with a ‘new spirit’ and at the Brazilian team, desperate to be champion again in Qatar.

But he follows his script.

Parties, poses and photos on social media.

He is an owner of an absurd talent.

But it is not an example of behavior for high-level athletes.

Situation that Brazil and France know ‘by heart’.

But the situation is not as banal as the one presented by Diego Torres’ article in El País.

PSG even has a commitment to pay 200 million euros, around R$1.1 billion, to Neymar.

If the club doesn’t want to go with him, they don’t need to let you know.

And yes, look for another team.

Alerting that you want to trade it is an incoherent attitude.

Not confirmed, for example, by L’Equipe, by Parisien, newspapers that live behind the scenes of PSG.

Meanwhile, dressed as a redneck, Neymar celebrates…

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