Picking up a PC from China: Let’s Pick Parts LIVE

Let’s take your doubts and create a machine for future tests!

Today we will have a different role. We want to build a PC to play by choosing parts from China, in order to compare the experience, whether in terms of delivery time or cost, and also the performance we are going to achieve. This is all while keeping an eye on the possible performance impact of the cards used in mining, which should flood the market now that cryptos are down.

Make a PIX and send your message on Live!

We will research components for the live tests, and we will also take the opportunity to talk to the chat people and ask questions LIVE. So come along and let’s research the components for a machine and have a chat with whoever is watching the broadcast. The live is on account of Diego “Carequinha das Views” Kerber (@kerberdiego) and Cassiano “Capacho” Presoto (@cassianopresoto). The broadcast starts from 20 pm, Brasilia time, on our Youtube channel.


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