Porsche 911 driver arrested after driving at 285 km/h

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Vehicle was spotted by helicopter used in surveillance
Gray Porsche 911 seen from the rear driving at 285 km / h on a road in the act carried out by the Spanish police

The driver of a Porsche 911 was arrested after being caught traveling at 285 km/h. On the road where the crime took place, the maximum speed is 120 km/h. Police even used a helicopter during the procedure to approach the vehicle, which took place this month in the town of El Espinar, near Madrid, Spain.

According to local police, the driver is a man from Ireland. The Porsche 911 is also registered in the island country. Before the arrest, carried out in a toll plaza, he had already reached a speed of 224 km/h on another stretch of the highway.

Interestingly, the driver in question did not reach the maximum speed of the Porsche 911. An example of the current generation, such as the Irish driver, can reach no less than 293 km/h. This, thanks to the 3.0 turbo six-cylinder engine, which develops 385 hp of power and 45.9 kgfm of torque.

Police highlighted, in a statement on Twitter, that the place where the driver was speeding has already been the scene of 28 accidents in 2022, which left two people dead and 11 injured. The road in question is the AP-6, a dual carriageway of approximately 70 km that connects the metropolitan region of Madrid to the city of Adanero.

Porsche 911 driver committed crime

Exceeding the speed limit by a margin of more than 80 km/h is a Crime Against Road Safety, according to Spanish laws. If convicted, the driver of the Porsche 911 could face up to six months in prison, but with luck, he could get a lighter sentence and have to do community work.

But, in any case, the driver will not escape a heavy fine: in addition, even if he is a foreigner, he must have the right to drive suspended for four years within the country’s territory. These punishments are all provided for by Spanish law.

Watch the video and learn more about the previous generation Porsche 911:

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