Sampaio Corrêa takes off in the second half, wins CSA and climbs the Serie B table

Sampaio Corrêa won the CSA at Castelão.

Sampaio Corrêa won the CSA at Castelão. (Ronald Felipe / Sampaio Correa FC)

SÃO LUÍS – Back in the arms of the tricolor fans at Castelão Stadium, after two consecutive matches as a visitor in the Brazilian Serie B Championship, Sampaio Corrêa faced CSA on Monday night (27), in a duel valid for the 15th round of the Second Division , with the aim of maintaining their unbeaten record as home team in the national competition, moving away from the relegation zone and approaching the G4. After a balanced and goalless first half, Tubarão showed its strength in the final stage, beating the Alagoas team 2-0 and climbed in the classification of Series B.

Willing to keep the good phase at home in Series B, Sampaio Corrêa pressured CSA in the first half, however, the Alagoas team held the goalless draw and still provided some scares for the tricolor defense. On the return of the break, Sampaio kept the pace and was rewarded in the first half: after receiving a beautiful pass from Pimentinha, Rafael Vila gave a precise touch to dismantle the CSA defense and leave Gabriel Poveda free to score the first goal of Bolivia Querida . Shortly after, at 11, Tubarão extended the advantage with Ygor Catatau, who deflected Gabriel Poveda’s free kick. After that, Sampaio slowed down, CSA went on the attack, but the score didn’t change anymore.

With the victory in front of the tricolor crowd at Castelão, Sampaio Corrêa reached 19 points and temporarily assumed the ninth position of Serie B. The Tricolor still awaits other games to know what will be its definitive position in the round. CSA, on the other hand, with 15 points, is in 15th place in the Segundana and is in danger of ending the round in the relegation zone.

Owner of a great campaign at home, Sampaio Corrêa will have another opportunity to end the fast of victories as a visitor in Serie B on Friday night (1st), at 19h, against Chapecoense, at Arena Condá, in a duel with radio broadcast AM viewpoint and full coverage of Imirante Sport. CSA, in turn, faces Londrina this Saturday morning (2), at 11 am, at Estádio do Café.

The game

As soon as the ball started rolling at Castelão, Sampaio Corrêa went to the attack field and put pressure on CSA. After two minutes, Mateusinho kicked from a long distance, Marcelo Carné spread, and the ball landed at the feet of Ygor Catatau, who was stopped by the Azulina defense and had a second opportunity to score, but sent the ball out. At six, Lucas Hipólito took a free-kick, Marcelo Carné punched away, the ball returned to Lucas Hipólito, who made a new lift and found André Luiz, who deflected it with his head and took paint from the crossbar.

After smothering CSA at the beginning of the match, Sampaio Corrêa slowed down and insisted on lifting to the penalty area, duly removed by the Azul defense. With the defense well, CSA tried to respond in the attack field, but lacked creativity: Osvaldo, at 25, found a space in the defense of Bolivia Querida and risked a cross kick by the Alagoas team, without success.

In the final stretch of the first half, Sampaio Corrêa advanced their lines, found spaces and again lost scoring chances. In the 32nd minute, Ygor Catatau received a nice pass from Pimentinha, came face to face with Marcelo Carne, but hit the post. CSA responded shortly after, at 35, with a kick by Gabriel, which was firmly defended by Luiz Daniel. The two teams still had great opportunities afterwards: Pimentinha, at 38, forced Marcelo Carné to save CSA in a two-stroke defense, and Rodrigo Rodrigues, at 39, hit Sampaio’s post with a cross kick.

Sampaio Corrêa improves and resolves the match in less than 15 minutes

Before the second-half scenario was set at Castelão, Sampaio Corrêa managed to open the scoring: with just one minute, Pimentinha gave a beautiful shot to Rafael Vila, who invaded the area, called the mark and gave a subtle touch to Gabriel Poveda , completely free, send the ball to the empty goal. Shortly after, at four, Ygor Catatau received a pass, hit Marcelo Carné’s exit and almost extended the tricolor advantage.

Quiet on the field, Sampaio Corrêa did not take long to score the second goal. In the 11th minute, Gabriel Poveda took a strong free-kick, Ygor Catatau made the deflection and deceived Marcelo Carné, who took a leap in the opposite direction and only saw the ball enter the goal. Pressed, CSA tried a quick response at 17, but Luiz Daniel defended without scares the submission of Lucas Barcelos.

Satisfied with the score, Sampaio Corrêa valued possession of the ball in the remainder of the match, while CSA still tried to sketch out a final pressure, even without much creativity. In the 40th minute, Marco Túlio received a pass from Igor and hit it first, but sent the ball out. After that, Sampaio waited for time to pass to celebrate another victory alongside the fans at Castelão.


SAMPAIO CORRÊA: Luiz Daniel; Mateusinho, Allan Godói, Nilson Junior and Lucas Hipólito; André Luiz (Lucas Araújo), Ferreira and Rafael Vila (Eloir); Pimentinha (Maurício), Ygor Catatau (Eron) and Gabriel Poveda (Rafael Costa). Coach: Leo Condé

CSA: Marcelo Carne; Lucas Marques (Igor), Wellington Nascimento, Lucão and Diego Renan (Edson); Geovane, Giva Santos and Gabriel; Osvaldo (Bruno Mezenga), Rodrigo Rodrigues (Yann Rolim) and Lucas Barcelos (Marco Túlio). Coach: Alberto Valentine

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