Seven people buried alive accused of cattle theft

Seven people, including three police officers and one military, were buried alive on Friday (24), accused of cattle theft.

The crime took place in district of Muamba, in the province of Maputo, in Mozambique.

According to local authorities, the case happened last week.

In an interview with newspapers Morning mail and Radio France InternationalO general commander of the police, Bernardino Rafael, said a cattle rancher in the area saw two people trying to steal cattle. Revolted, he called the population, who beat the alleged thieves and buried them alive.

‘Police have no connection with cattle theft’

After that, the police and the military also went to the region to investigate the case, but were beaten and buried.

“The police have no connection with the cattle theft, what happened was a heinous crime,” said the commander-in-chief.

According to Bernardino Rafael, “Justice made with the hands” takes on alarming contours in the country.

“We want to work, but we become victims of our own community and those we protect. We lost our colleagues and it is not easy to train a policeman”, lamented Bernardino Rafael.

discredit of the population

The Mozambican organization Center for Democracy and Development (CDD) condemned the case, but stressed that the attitude of the population results from the “discredit” of the Mozambican justice institutions.

“It is necessary to say that the actions of the people, although reprehensible at all levels, are a consequence of discrediting the institutions”, said the NGO.

“The CDD understands the anguish and the feeling of revolt and frustration of the cattle ranchers who add losses due to theft and do not find the solution to the problem in the justice institutions”, he added.

Cattle theft is a frequent problem in the country..

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