“Sheik” who hit Sasha Meneghel was a partner of Silas Malafaia

Businessman Francisley Valdevino da Silva, owner of a company that promoted the “rent” of cryptocurrencies and caused a loss of R$ 1.2 million to Sasha Meneghel, was a partner of Pastor Silas Malafaia.

Together, the two set up AlvoX, a company that offers technology services to Christians who want to start their own business. To the newspaper O Globo, the pastor stated that he ended the deal as soon as he learned of the rumors of a coup involving the other company of the “Sheik”, as it is known, Rental Coins.

“When we started, he didn’t owe anyone. When the rumor started, I jumped out. I don’t mix church and business. I never recommended bitcoins to anyone in my family or church,” Malafaia said.

“I am not even responsible for the actions of my older children. So how will I be for others? I have no way of guessing whether a partner is a drug dealer or a rapist. I am not God, I have no omniscience.”


Francisley, or Francis da Silva, as he prefers to be called, is investigated by the Federal Police on suspicion of a crime against the national financial system. Through Rental Coins, Francis “rented” cryptocurrencies with the promise of monthly profits of up to 13.5% on the amount invested. However, the company went bankrupt, causing losses to several investors.

As he is also a Christian, the “Sheik” approached pastors, singers and evangelical church faithful and convinced several of them to bet on the cryptocurrency company.

Among the clients were Xuxa’s daughter, Sasha Meneghel and her husband João Figueiredo, who made contributions totaling R$ 1.2 million.

According to a document obtained by the metropolisesthe couple seeks compensation for material and moral damages, as a result of alleged fraud applied by the economic group, which would have used a “sophisticated chain of subterfuges to constitute a financial pyramid and coup the authors”, says an excerpt from the lawsuit.

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