True Detective will have a new season with Jodie Foster

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After 3 years, HBO Max has confirmed a new season of True Detective. The production of the fourth season has been officially confirmed and brings back the police anthology for streaming productions. The new season is subtitled Night Country and will star Jodie Foster, alongside actress and boxer Kali Reis as co-star.

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According to THR, the season will be scripted by Issa López, taking over from series creator Nic Pizzolatto. Information about the other actors in the cast and dates have not been released.

The plot of True Detective: Night Country will be an investigation in Alaska a group of researchers disappears and this could reveal a conspiracy in a small town.

True Detective Synopsis

Check below the synopsis of the first seasons of True Detective that are available in the HBO Max catalog:

The investigative series consists of anthologies. Each season has a different cast and a new storyline.

Season 1 revolves around Detectives Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) and Martin Hart (Woody Harrelson), who hunt a serial killer in the swamps of Louisiana. He was captured once, but now he’s on the loose and attacking again.

Season 2 takes place in the industrial town of City of Vinci, Los Angeles County, where police officers Ray Velcoro (Colin Farrell), Ani Bezzerides (Rachel McAdams) and Paul Woodrugh (Taylor Kitsch) investigate a gruesome murder that may have ties to it. with criminal Frank Semyon (Vince Vaughn).

The 3rd and final season premiered on January 13, 2019 (HBO) (via cinema10)


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