Trump tried to take the wheel of the presidential car to join capitol invaders; the revelations of the testimony of a former advisor

  • Mariana Sanches – @mariana_sanches
  • From BBC News Brazil in Washington

Cassidy Hutchinson

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Former White House Adviser Cassidy Hutchinson in Congressional Testimony about Capitol Invasion

Donald Trump knew his supporters were armed when he urged them in a speech to march to the United States Congress on January 6, 2021, in the episode that ended with the Capitol invasion and five deaths.

And the then president, at the end of his rally, did not intend to return to the White House, but to join the protesters in Congress. For this, he even tried to take the wheel of the vehicle that was taking him back to the presidential residence.

These are the main statements of a former White House aide, Cassidy Hutchinson, whose sworn testimony given to the congressional committee investigating the January 6 episode became public on Tuesday, 6/28.

According to Hutchinson, both Trump and his closest aides were aware of the violent potential of that demonstration scheduled to take place in the American capital, in which Trump intended to repeat his accusations – without proof – that the 2020 presidential elections had been rigged and that he, the Democrat Joe Biden, would be the real president-elect of the country.

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