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You three goals against Operário, last Friday, placed Vasco’s attack on the top shelf of Serie B. The team reached 16 goals scored and, alongside Cruzeiro and Tombense, has the best offensive use of the competition. The average of 1.14 goals per match is still low, but the last rounds point to an improvement in the creative sector, with eight goals in four games.

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Vasco’s attack was Vasco’s Heel of Aquiles in the first rounds of Serie B, but the team has found solutions to break through the opponents’ block. Not always with ease and inspiration.

In the game against Operário, for example, Maurício Souza’s team found it difficult to create goalscoring chances and did not bring any danger to the opposing goal in the first half. The first good opportunity only came in the 28th minute of the second half, with a kick by Palácios outside. Six minutes later, Vasco got the goal in a header by Quintero after a cross by Nenê.

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Vasco’s attack scored eight goals in the last four games — Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF

For a team that still struggles to create an offensive repertoire, the dead ball has been the solution in São Januário. Quintero’s goal came after a corner kick, and Vasco extended it at the end with Nenê, from a penalty, and Palácios, in a beautiful free kick.

– It is difficult to see today in Série B a team flowing all the time. Vasco already defended very well, and the next step is for us not to lose that defensive solidity and get a more controlling game, closer to what was the second half against Operário. Our team is not worried about playing football that jeopardizes our victory, it is worried about leaving the winning field. I told them that we are just at the beginning of the journey, there is a lot missing – pondered Maurício after the game against Operário.

Evolution of the attack Vasco in Serie B:

  • Four goals in five rounds
  • Eight goals in 10 rounds
  • 16 goals in 14 rounds – eight goals in four games

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The numbers show the team’s growth in the competition. In the last four rounds, the Vasco scored the same eight goals he had scored in the first 10 matches of Serie B. In this cut, the average of goals of the team goes to two per confrontation.

In the previous round, against Londrina, Vasco also spent the first half blank and played a bureaucratic game after opening the scoring at the beginning of the final stage. This has been the team’s keynote while Maurício Souza tries to improve attack productivity. The coach recognized that the team needs to evolve and revealed that Zé Ricardo had already detected problems and was working in search of solutions. In his own way, Vasco has managed to overcome difficulties and grow.

Vasco's goals 3 x 0 Operário, for the 14th round of the Brasileirão Série B

Vasco’s goals 3 x 0 Operário, for the 14th round of the Brasileirão Série B

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This Serie B has been marked by few goals and tight scores. Leader of the championship, Cruzeiro has the same 16 goals as Vasco, but one less game. Together, alongside Grêmio, the teams also share the best defense of the competition, with five goals conceded.

With the evolution of the attack in the last rounds, Vasco found the balance point that keeps him as the only undefeated and in the vice-leadership in the hunt for Cruzeiro, which at the moment has one more point. With a solid defense, which has not been leaked in 10 of the 14 games so far, Maurício Souza’s team is slowly finding its way to the nets.

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The next challenge is against Novorizontino, at 9:30 pm on Wednesday, at the Doutor Jorge Ismael de Biasi Stadium, for the 15th round of Serie B. Vasco is already in São José do Rio Preto, where he is staying and will finish his preparations this third.

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