Vyse performs psychosocial care for app drivers

The Ceará urban mobility app see Brazil holds this Wednesday, 29, a social action aimed at the mental health of app drivers. The activity takes place in celebration of the day of these professionals, celebrated on May 15. The event will take place at Fazenda São Tomé, starting at 11 am, and will promote psychosocial, medical, legal care and several raffles for the category.

There are also plans for leisure and entertainment activities for drivers and their families, such as holding a feijoada and children’s programming. The state attorney, Damião Tenório, whose flag is the fight in defense and promotion of mental health in Ceará, will be present at the social action.

“I decided to turn my pain into a struggle and use it to help families who, like mine, face mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and many others. If I manage to make this case win, I will emerge victorious from this process”, says the prosecutor.

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The event has the support of application drivers associations of Fortaleza and the Application Drivers Union. The objective is to celebrate the category of professionals, who face daily challenges in providing transport services to society, and to offer the necessary support so that these professionals can work with well-being and better working conditions.


Psychosocial care action for app drivers – Vyse Brasil

When: Wednesday, June 29 at 11 am

Where: São Tomé Farm – Rua Homem de Melo, 1000 – Messejana – Fortaleza/CE

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Site: www.vysebrasil.com.br

Telephone: (85) 98125 6623 (WhatsApp)

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